#FYI #PharrellPhriday almost didn’t happen today. Busy work day and I had to rush to get what I ended up posting done. I’m happy to have completed as much as I did given the circumstances, but I wasn’t able to post the most ambitious of the posts I had planned, the Top 25 Productions by The Neptunes.

I didn’t really explain it, I will tomorrow in further detail, but you can ask anyone that knew me around 2002 and on that I was THE biggest Neptunes fan probably on the planet. And to compile their production discography and rank them was a project I was really looking forward to. Time was just an issue today and wasn’t even able to make my final list. So, I’m gonna post it tomorrow.

Tomorrow afternoon I will have my complete list up. It’s clearly not going to make it for #PharrellPhriday but even I’m interested in what the final list will look like, so I’m sure you fans of this blog and fans of Pharrell will be curious as well.

Just wanted to give that update. Come back tomorrow (or later today) for more #PharrellGoodies