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Hello my lovely blog readers, I have decided to start something new here.  #FICTIONFriday, a way for me to expose my Creative Writing to the world and also keep myself consistent with my writing since I want that to be my future.

The goal is to post at least one piece of fiction every Friday. Some Friday’s I might feel ambitious and post more, but the minimum will be one short story, or script, every week.

Most of what I post will be older projects I’ve worked on but never completed.  I have several different ideas, but I tend to over think my writing so I often psyche myself out of going with the flow and just finishing. However I think another great thing about posting those uncompleted projects here is that, via YOUR comments, I will know what people are interested and intrigued by and I will have the confidence to finish.

So expect lots of stuff I’ve done over the past 10 years, personally and some that started as school assignments. Though most of what I’ll post will be old, I have this idea that I will get inspired and create something new. Also, I have posted things on this blog before, and I feel like I could re-edit some of those and post them so you can see the progress.

Stay tuned. Something should be up in the next hour, a short story I started in 2005 for a Fiction Writing class I was taking in Berkeley.