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So on Friday I had every intention of posting Three stories to celebrate Three weeks of #FridayFiction. But, work, and not having wifi, and supporting friends got in the way. This weekend I was sick, so I wasn’t able to go anywhere to upload it, so you’re getting it today. 

This is one part of an idea I had for a novel about two years ago, this basically introduces two of the characters and the rest of them will be revealed through this blog in the future. So, Read, Enjoy, Comment, and Share please. 


Mason and Kyle on First Sight” by Hannibal Alexander


“I knew I loved him when I first saw him…” Mason says, and then quickly amends the comment “… I mean… okay, I don’t know if it was love exactly. I was probably too young to really know than… but I know I had a weird sort of… magnetism towards him. I just kinda knew he was, special, I guess.” Masons eyes wander as his mind trails off to a cherished place in his past.



On the first day of 8th grade so many years ago, Mason was already waiting in the Principal’s office. This time through no fault of his own, there was a mix-up with his schedule and he needed to talk to an Administrator to get it cleared up. In walked Kyle, a skinny and still pretty short light skinned black kid who was obviously a new student at the school based on his first day jitters, which were obvious to Mason. Even with the new-kid nervousness, Mason was impressed with his confidence in style, because he definitely stood out from everybody else. His hair was slightly afro’d, when everybody else was sporting close cuts. His pants were slightly tighter than the baggy status quo of their generation at the time. And what set it off was his brown jean jacket with a bright Mick Jagger T-shirt underneath. The kid was clearly nervous about his first day at a new school, but his gear indicated that he was his own person who wouldn’t be pressured by his peers and that was what Mason instantly gravitated to.


Kyle, talking very quietly to the secretary at the Admin desk, is told to sit and wait. He turns around and meekishly throws Mason a small smirk while he finds a seat on the back wall of the office a few chairs away from him, this smirk is returned by an open palmed wave. Mason first notices Kyle’s full lips, than his beautiful big brown eyes, he continues to stare him down before he notices a burst of nervousness from Kyle. “When I first saw him…” Kyle begins  “… I was actually really nervous! He was like that typical big jock white bully you see on all the TV shows, so I thought I’d better shut up.” Sensing this, Mason took the opportunity to finally speak.


“Hey… so let me guess, you’re new here” were Mason’s first words to Kyle back then.

“Yeah” Kyle responded with a little nervous hesitation

“… I know the feeling, don’t be nervous though… this is a pretty cool school. Where did you come from?”

“Lakewest” Kyle answered, still a bit shy to look into Mason’s eyes when doing so

“Okay, one of my cousins used to go there. I heard it was kinda rough…”

Kyle shrugged his shoulders “…I don’t know, it was okay… nobody really bothered me much… I actually heard that THIS school was rough”

“Really? That’s not so true… I mean, I guess I can’t compare ‘cause this is the only junior high I’ve been to… but if you’re coming from Lakewest and didn’t have no problems this should be a breeze”

Kyle smirked and laughed a bit, then finally looked up at Mason and seemed a bit taken aback

“w-wh-what’s your name?”

“I’m Mason…”

“Kyle…” the two exchanged light handshakes


From there, the conversation turned back to Mason and his comment about knowing the feeling of being the new kid. They didn’t have much time to talk, since both of them were just waiting for some paperwork from the Admin’s. Once they got their schedules they realized they shared 4th period French class, so they spent the rest of the day hanging out and sharing their stories. Mason talked about how he had just moved to the East Bay four years prior from Dallas Texas, and how adjusting to the new area had been a blast. Kyle talked about his days at Lakewest and his interest in Entertainment and the Arts. From then on they were basically inseparable. “I pretty much clung to him for the first couple of months I was there…” Kyle admits “…He was really popular and so it kinda felt good to be the… you know ‘Popular New Kid’ instead of the ‘Awkward New Kid’”.


hqdefault (1)For the next several months, Kyle would appreciate the new friend he was blessed with at a new school. Not only did they get along great, but because Mason was so popular instead of people questioning Kyle and assuming things about him before talking to him, they all just assumed he was a good friend of Mason and treated him as such. Mason appreciated having a new friend that enjoyed the things he liked, mainly music and film. Being groomed as a bit of a jock, he rarely had the opportunity to talk with peers about things like Janet Jackson or the latest MTV Videos. “Coming from my sort of athletic upbringing I guess, the Arty people were more interesting to me because they were just… different!” Mason says. They both enjoyed being around one another, and they tried as much as they could to stay connected.


It wasn’t until about 4 months in before their underlying feelings came up. Mason was hanging out in Kyle’s bedroom one day after school, which at this point became a normal thing. “I think we were just looking at a Rolling Stone magazine or something, and maybe I leered a little too long at one of those underwear ads… and Mason basically busted me out” Kyle says with a laugh. “He was cute about it…” he continues “… he didn’t freak out or anything like I’d expect one of my Uncles to do, but he just kinda asked… or more like told me I liked boys”


Mason later makes a slight correction to the interaction “That… doesn’t sound right. I think I was like ‘oh, so you like boys?’” Kyle continues with his side of the story of that evening “Of course, I wasn’t going to say yes! Not at the time. I thought he might be trying to trick me into saying something and then tease me about it later or whatever. So I kind of avoided it until he said…”  Kyle takes a pause to try to remember the exact words, then continues “… it’s okay… I do too” Kyle nods before taking a long pause.


“I still kinda felt like, ‘oh he’s still trying to trick me’. I also remember for like a moment I felt… it felt really good to have someone, someone my age at that, tell me that what I had been feeling all my life was okay. It still really freaked me out at the time though. I definitely humored him, I started to ask him like what kind of guys or celebs he thought were cute, really not thinking he’s serious and trying to sort of trip him up, but he was really sincere.”


Still a bit uncomfortable about the conversation, Kyle looked at Mason smiling and decided to tell him his true feelings. He wasn’t necessarily intending to tell him that he’d always had the hots for him, Mason being a pretty short, but stocky white kid with so much confidence and such a cute butt. Kyle felt ten times more macho around Mason, but his feminine side lingered because he was so turned on by him. Aside from his semi-crushing on Mason, Kyle realized that they had become extremely close, and he actually felt comfortable getting his feelings out. So after a while of their playful back and forth, Kyle got real.


“Yeah, Okay… I do look at boys!” Kyle sort of lowered his head ashamed when he said it. Mason instantly lightened the mood and went on to tell him about his “coming out” to his father at 11 years old.  How even though his dad was grooming him for alpha-male status and involving him in lots of sports, Mason always knew he liked boys and didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. His confidence and full acceptance of who he was made it easier for his father to accept, and it didn’t change their extremely tight bond.


Mason and Kyle talked for hours, though they never got into their mutual attraction for each other. The conversation was especially liberating for Kyle who had never actually voiced his feelings to anyone, not even to himself. For the next few weeks, the two hung out like usual until the day their relationship was shortly taken to a new level. On one winter day, the boys were in Kyle’s room doing homework together again, listening to Janet Jackson when one of her slower more romantic songs came on Kyle and Mason acted accordingly. Kyle, who now admits he made the first move, also now admits he felt instantly regretful “We kissed, and almost got caught” as Kyle’s Aunt Maggie barged in unexpectedly. The situation was something Kyle wasn’t mentally and emotionally ready for at the time “it just freaked me out … about the whole situation really, just the idea of having to admit I was gay scared the crap out of me.”


Though Maggie didn’t detect anything, the scare was enough to make Kyle all the more paranoid and distressed about their relationship. “So yeah, I kind of backed off of the Mason train for a while” Kyle almost seems pained to admit it now, but explains how even if he could go back in time he probably couldn’t bring himself to change it. Mason and Kyle didn’t hang out at school or elsewhere any longer even when Mason himself felt unchanged about their friendship, but understood Kyle’s brain at the time. “I got it. He was freaked out and scared. And I knew Kyle was really, really concerned with what people thought of him at the time so I got it…” Mason recalls  “…and yeah, I was a little sad because we really bonded. But I understood and I never tried to push myself on him.”


Mason and Kyle didn’t become total strangers though, exchanging a few words here and there during the remaining years of Junior High. Mostly on Mason’s behalf, as Kyle’s insecurity was still too strong to push past at the time. “We’d be in school together and I’d talk to him, call him over to hang out…” Mason explains, Kyle then offers his side “…yeah, and I’d normally just go up and say hi and then kind of drift away hoping he didn’t notice. I just wasn’t ready at the time… I was scared the kids would be like ‘Oh Kyle is so fruity and he always hangs out with Mason, are they together!?’ I mean I know nobody even really thought that, but my paranoia told me that… and so I stayed away.”


It wasn’t until the very last four months of school, when the two were more or less forced in the same room at a Yearbook meeting, that they caught up. A conversation about High School turned into a pep talk of sorts for Kyle who was debating joining an Art program in High School. “I remember Mason being just really encouraging about me joining, saying something like he was amazed by my Artistic side or something just really encouraging”  “Even though my mom was trying to push me to do it as well, something about this boy my age, who I still adored, and he’s encouraging and supporting me. It basically made my decision for me”


As with most junior high students, High School would change both of them and their feelings towards one another as well. Definitely for the better, though, as is the case with most High School students, things didn’t cease to be complicated emotionally. The next 3 years would be quite the experience for the two boys in more ways than they could have ever expected.

© 2014 Hannibal Alexander