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About two years ago when I was a frequent visitor of Tumblr, I came across this form of art and photography that really intrigued me. I came to find out it was called Glitch Art. It’s hard to describe exactly what it is, but basically it’s taking a picture and distorting it so that it’s sometimes hard to see and gives a weird and mysterious vibe. If I had to compare it to anything, I would probably say the “Grindhouse” movies by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, they messed with the visuals to appear like the film was worn and old and used. A lot of the Glitch Art I’ve seen looks like images you might see on a very old and worn VHS tape. Again, very hard to describe, but it’s just weird and I love weird stuff, so I instantly fell in love with this new (maybe) art form.

The Glitch Art phenomenon has now leaked into the mainstream, most famously (for me) in Beyonce’s “Grown Woman” clip which is almost completely distorted and low-fi towards the end of the very fun video. I’ve seen other artists use this art technique on album covers and videos, and I have to say I was very happy to have been ahead of the curve (slightly).

It occurred to me that maybe I should try my hand at it this trendy art-form, and luckily after I searched the iTunes App store I was able to find a Glitch app “Glitché” and I have been completely addicted to it. So much so that I have a folder full of my “projects”, and I’ve started to post them to my Tumblr and Instagram pages and guess what!? It’s been a bit of a success! I’ve been getting way more likes and followers on Instagram than ever before with my Glitch stuff. So I thought it might be a good idea to come and share my work here. I’m going to post some of the personal favorites of mine,

The Glitché app is fun to play around with and easy to get into. I started out just pulling up pictures, randomly playing with the different effects and moving on. The more I played with the program, I learned about layering different effects on top of each other and also bringing in other apps like Splitpic, Mirrorgram and Flipagram. I will say the “glitch” and “vhs” effects on Glitché are tricky because it’s almost like a poker slot and you just might miss the jack pot look you are seeking, but other than that the app is really easy to navigate through and I’m thankful for it being a creative distraction.

I never really know which of my Glitch’d projects are going to stand out until days later when I’m looking back. I’ve done Glitch’ing for some of my personal pics, some album covers, movie posters and other promotional materials. So let’s just get into what I’ve done.

#NYSelfie This is a really simple one when I was first playing around with the app, I just used the “blur” effect and that’s about it.



#ViewFromTheBayBridge My first temp job after moving back to the Bay Area was in San Francisco. This was a pic I snapped on the morning commute across the new Bay Bridge. These two glitch projects were used with the “LCD” effect. 



#workselfieglitchd Bored at work one day, I took some selfies (I hate that I’m using that word so much) and Glitch’d them out using the actual “glitch” effect on the app. This is a collage made using my favorite collage app InstaCollage.



#FinancialDistrictView I took this pic from my office building in the heart of the Financial District one Saturday that I was working overtime. Great view, but I had to glitch it out with the “glitch” effect.



#BayBridgeGlitch One day, during lunch, I took my journal and walked up to the Pier with the intention to enjoy the beautiful day and write. I did plug away a nice number of pages, but I also had to snap some pics because it was an amazing day and the view was amazing as well. I love the first three that I made with the “LCD” effect. It just makes it look a bit eery and dark, even though the source picture was bright and beautiful.

sfbaybridgeglitch4 sfbaybridgeglitch5 sfbaybridgeglitch6


I loved the coloring effects of the “gradient” effect.

sfbaybridgeglitch1 sfbaybridgeglitch2 sfbaybridgeglitch3


It finally dawned on me that I could use the Glitché app a little more creatively, so I started to use multiple effects on one picture and here are a few of the early results. I used “blur” on one of the original pics, then after I saved it I opened it back up in the app and did some “gradient” effects on it, and I love these pic so much I made it my Twitter background.

sfbaybridgeglitch7 sfbaybridgeglitch8


#TumblrBeachGlitch I found a picture on Tumblr of a random cutie standing in the water at a beach. I randomly pulled it up when using Glitché, trying to play around with the app more and see what different elements would look like using the different effects. I used “LCD” here, and I fell in love with the outcome.



#IslandGlitch I grabbed another scenic picture from Tumblr and played around with it. I used “LCD” , “blur” and “fill”, but my favorites from that set were these two that I did simply using “gradient”. They always stand out to me, I think it’s a real nice contrast of colors for both.

islandglitch1 islandglitch2


#CentralParkGlitch I imported some of my New York pictures, and I loved the effect “LCD” gave on this pic of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central park. Like the earlier San Francisco Bay Bridge pics, this one gives a slightly eery feeling to a picture that was originally so beautiful.



#AlbumCoverGlitch #SadeLoveDeluxe The next Glitch journey for me was taking images from pop culture, movies and music, that have always stood out to me. For #AlbumCoverGlitch I did this piece from Sade’s “Love Deluxe” album, which is one of my favorite album covers of all time. I love this because it’s Glitch’d appropriately, using “blur” and “gradient” there is still a vibe of sexiness and sultriness that remains from the original art.



#MoviePosterGlitch #PoeticJustice I used John Singleton’s 1993 film “Poetic Justice” for #MoviePosterGlitch and I just like the way the “scan” and “gradient” effects modernize the look of the famous Janet Jackson pose.



#MoviePosterGlitch #AClockworkOrange The next #MoviePosterGlitch is of Stanley Kubrick’s classic “A Clockwork Orange”. This one was done with a little “blur” and a lot of “glitch” effects and I just love it. The movie and book are so jarring and strange, I think this glitch’ing gives the same effect just in a modern tech way.



#MoviePosterGlitch #TheGoonies A childhood favorite, I used “The Goonies” for the next #MoviePosterGlitch . There’s a lot of “glitch”, some “blur” effects, and I changed the orientation of the poster just to screw with things a bit more. I like the hazy and dated look of it.



#MoviePosterGlitch #Mahogany I can’t really explain why this #MoviePosterGlitch is one of my favorites of my entire Glitch collection. Taken from Diana Ross’ camp classic “Mahogany”, I fell in love with this final version. It’s funky and colorful thanks to “fill” and “datamosh” effects, but it also aged thanks to the final “vhs” effect. It just pops to me in a cartoony, wavy and intriguing way.



#MoviePosterGlitch #Jaws For “Jaws”, one of my All-Time Favorite Movies, I  toyed around with “gradient” and “datamosh” effects and created a really cool, dreary and neon looking #MoviePosterGlitch.



#MoviePosterGlitch #StarWars I love this Glitch’d out “Star Wars” pic, I love how the “glitch” and “gradient” effects compliment the comic-book look of the original poster.



#AlbumCoverGlitch #Mariah CareyButterfly After using multiple different effects on one pic, it dawned on me that I could use different apps to make one awesome Glitch’d pic. That’s what I did with this #AlbumCoverGlitch of Mariah Carey’s ‘Butterfly’. I first went to Mirrorgram to duplicate the image of Mariah, than I brought it back to Glitché and added the “gradient” and “vhs” effects on it to give a really dark but still beautiful look.



#BeyonceGlitch Same goes for this image from Beyonce’s ‘Partition’ video. Here I did a Mirrorgram effect and added “gradient” and “blur” to make one of my favorite images. It has this whole glow-in-the-dark mudflap feel that is really sexy and compelling.



#AlbumCoverGlitch #JanetJacksonControl This #AlbumCoverGlitch of Janet Jackson’s ‘Control’ album ranks among my favorites. After putting Janet through the Mirrorgram filter, all I did was add “gradient” and “glitch” effects and came out with a picture that would serve as a great alternate ‘Control’ cover – say for a Deluxe re-issue or something like that.




#SanFranciscoGlitch This was a picture that I took in 2012 and it’s one of my favorite San Francisco pictures. I love how the “LCD” effect took it to a new level. Really love this one.



#MoviePosterGlitch #Hairspray This #MoviePosterGlitch is pretty simple, but for the same reasons that I love the Janet ‘Control’ Glitch I love this ‘Hairspray’ Glitch project. It’s simple, but it keeps the same vibrant, colorful feel of the movie. I used “scan” “gradient” effects and after all that I changed the image to be “low-fi”.




#NYCGlitch This is a picture I took from the top of Empire State Building. I pulled it up in Glitché to see what I could do, did some “LCD” effect at first and liked what came out, but didn’t know where to go with it. So I pulled it back up and started doing some “datamosh” effects, and when I put the “vhs” filter on top I just loved the look. It reminded me of seeing an image of New York City from a really crappy and over-used VHS video. And I love how that random rainbow part shines a light on the Chrysler building, although you can’t really tell from the blurriness of the glitch. Which is actually part of the beauty.



#AlbumCoverGlitch #PrinceControversy I love how haunting this #AlbumCoverGlitch is. The original ‘Controversy’ album cover by Prince is creepy enough because of those piercing eyes of his. I think putting the image through the Glitché filters intensified the creepiness. Obviously I took the art to Mirrorgram first, than did some “fill” work and finally a “vhs” effect. Here is the first Glitch I posted, but I also like the second one where I just added a “gradient” effect.

princecontroversyglitch princecontroversyglitch2



#MoviePosterGlitch #HouseParty I wasn’t sure how this #MoviePosterGlitch would turn out, but that’s the fun of this app. For the classic 90’s film “House Party”, I played with “scan” than added a “blur” effect before finally putting it through the “gradient” filter and I enjoy what I came up with.




#DonnaSummerGlitch #QueenOfDisco These two are probably my favorite Glitch pieces so far. The original image was a performance photo of Donna Summer, I first used “gradient” and then “blur” effects. I had several options, but I didn’t quite like what I had until I took them over to Mirrorgram and came out with these two that are so compelling and sexy.

donnasummerglitch1 donnasummerglitch2



#AlbumCoverGlitch #CyndiLauperShesSoUnusual I almost gave up on this Cyndi Lauper #AlbumCoverGlitch. I tried a lot of different effects and never liked the tone. Finally I did some “glitch” effects and added “blur” and loved how loud and vibrant this came out. Perfect for the ‘She’s So Unusual’ image that screams for fun and color.



#GlitchdVideos Around this time, I started to venture into the idea of doing Glitch Video. I saw a few videos posted on Instagram using Flipagram, an app I’ve had for months but never thought to use in this fashion. It was May 16th and I kept seeing posts about Janet Jackson’s birthday so I did a simple collage using Flipagram. I started to Glitch some of the pictures I found for that collage, and decided to try my hand at a Glitch Video. I was so happy with the results I couldn’t stop. After the Janet Jackson Glitch Video, I did one for Beyonce, Prince and Madonna. The most recent, the one of Madonna, is my favorite because it looks so cool, animated and alive. Check them out and see what you think. (and if you know how to fix Instagram’s embed codes so that the videos would show up here… PLEASE let me know how! It wouldn’t work so I just am stuck with the links to the videos. BOOOO!)


I’ve also posted a few other short videos of Glitch work I’ve done from pictures I took at New York’s MoMA. There are also some projects I have in mind that I will be working on in the next few days. Including Rihanna and a Pop Star friend of mine!

So that’s what I’ve been up to in my free time. It’s fun, but at the same time it’s amazing what you can come up with using random apps on your phone. This has re-awakened a creative and artistic spirit in me, and I’m excited to venture further out to bigger applications and programs to see what I can do without the limitations of the iPhone apps.

Follow me on Instagram, my username there is HANNIBALd1. Here are some of the other Instagram’mers that are posting some amazing Glitch Art that you all should check out. avd_78, xlvltx, uknokido, pxlwrx, thedatabats, flcon_fcker, pixelwakker, perfa, lucky_beaches .