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Remember when I used to do a weekly Top 10 on my blog!? Well, IT’S BACK!!! Mainly because I feel like I need to keep this blog active, but also because I want to share to my readers what I’ve been getting into on any given week. So here goes!


10. Ke$ha “The Harold Song”

Okay, so here’s what happened. I pulled out a bunch of burned CD’s I made before I went ahead and ditched the physical element of music. I made a compilation of Ke$ha (who I have grown to love without any shame), and THIS song is one of those ones that show me that the girl has some actual talent. It’s such a catchy love song, and though she doesn’t show off amazing vocal technique… it’s just a little deeper than what the radio plays from her.


9. Beyonce featuring Frank Ocean “Superpower”

I’m in a Video Editing class (which ends next week!!), and for my Final Project I decided to use Beyonce’s “Superpower” video. Great song! It wasn’t necessarily my favorite from her new album at first, but it has grown on me considerably and I just love how it builds with the harmonies and the instrumentation. And the video is just epic to me, I love the slow-mo Riot vibe of the whole thing and it really does manage to have heart and emotions. Wish me luck!!


8. Kanye West “Power”

This song is just amazing, still. The track is INSANE, and there are certain lines that just really speak to me. More on Kanye very soon… like, Right Away!


7. Kanye West “Hold My Liquor”

The production on this track is just flawless to me, and it’s just an intensely dark and gritty song. More on this song in a future post about New York City and how this became a sad theme song for me. For now, enjoy!


6. Robin Thicke featuring Tamar Braxton “For The Rest of My Life Part 2”

I actually didn’t listen to this song at all this week, but I was scrolling through my LastFm plays and saw it and remembered how effortlessly my Tamar killed the vocals on this remix. Unfortunately, this remix never really got a fair chance to slay the R&B charts.


5. Mariah Carey “Faded”

Still my favorite song from “Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse”, but more on Mariah a little later.


4. Drake “Houstatlantavegas”

I randomly popped in a mixed CD I made in 2010, and this song came on. I hadn’t heard it in years, and I was kind of blown away that I still knew all the words. And I was blown away, STILL, at how amazing the song is.


3. Kanye West featuring Bon Iver “Lost in the World”

Last night, I was so into this song. That “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” continues to amaze me at how timeless and perfect it is in every way. This song is the perfect closer, because I think it’s pretty simple (lyric wise) but easy to relate to. It just spoke to me yesterday.


2. Mariah Carey “Make It Look Good”

This song might be the best from the new Mariah album, and it might eclipse “Faded” as my favorite pretty soon. I just couldn’t get enough of this song this week. The lyrics, her vocals, just the overall flow of this old-school sounding ode to being helpless to a bad lover. Good Job Mimi.


1. Coldplay “Magic”

Though I’m not the biggest fan of “Ghost Stories”, Coldplay’s latest album, I do think this song is excellent and highly underrated. I have to say that Brandy’s recently released cover of the song reminded me how great it is, and while I enjoyed her cover, I still think Coldplay did the best with the material. Great Great song. (Also a really great video that was snubbed when the MTV VMA nominees were announced this week).