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#TopTenThursday didn’t really happen, but that IS a weekly thing I want to keep going on this here blog. But, in the effort of trying to keep this blog active, I’m going to add another weekly list – TopTwentyFiveTuesday, or maybe this will monthly, we’ll see. (Mind you, BOTH the TopTenThursday and TopTwentyFiveTuesday won’t be exclusive to Music)

This post is to make up for two things actually, the #TopTenThursday thing AND the post I planned on making about my favorite music of 2014 so far. I could have easily posted something quick and easy at the end of June, the official halfway mark of the year, but I have downloaded so much music that I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to yet. I wanted to give those albums (Agust Alsina, The 1975, Beck, Jack White,  et. al.) a fair listen and have a broader, more researched list of my favorite albums of 2014. Unfortunately I still have a bunch of albums in my iTunes that have zero plays… and it’s damn near August already. SO – instead of doing that (it’ll just have to wait until the end of the year) I’m just going to post the songs that I’ve been obsessed with this year. Some new, some old, all great.

And here we go…

25. Toni Braxton & Babyface “Roller Coaster”

Their “Love, Marriage & Divorce” album is really good, and this opening track is one of the stand outs.


24. Shakira featuring Rihanna “Can’t Remember to Forget You”

Sexy video. Fun song. And… well, RIHANNA!!!


23. Robin Thicke featuring Tamar Braxton “For the Rest of My Life Part 2”


22. M.I.A. “Bad Girls”

I was obsessed with this song my last month in New York City. Nice flow.


21. Pharrell Williams featuring Alicia Keys “Know Who You Are”

My absolute favorite from Pharrell’s “GIRL” album.


20. Jessie J “Thunder”


19. Justin Timberlake “Not a Bad Thing”

This is such a cute little Pop song, don’t “fuck around” and sleep on it.


18. The Black Keys “Waiting on Words”

Black Keys’ “Turn Blue” is an excellent album, and this has become my favorite.


17. Calvin Harris “Summer”


16. Christian Falk featuring Robyn and Ola Salo “Dream On”

I OWNED Robyn’s self titled 2008 album, but somehow never paid attention to this. I really got into it this Spring as I was easing back into the Bay Area life.


15. Drake “Connect”


14. K. Michelle “Can’t Raise a Man”

Great great song with a strong message that ladies NEED to pay attention to.


13. St. Vincent “Digital Witness”

Randomly saw St. Vincent on “Saturday Night Live” this Spring, and I fell in love with this quirky (and seemingly Prince-inspired) track. YAAAH!


12. Andre 3000 & Beyonce “Back to Black”

I was late to the party on this one, but this Amy Winehouse remake is so weird and strange – right up my alley.


11. Kanye West “Hold My Liquor”


10. Jhene Aiko “The Worst”

Thank the BET Awards for this, I seriously had never heard the song before the show. Really addictive song.


9. Coldplay “Midnight”

Just one word : AMAZING!  (it reminds me of How To Dress Well though)


8. Jessie J “Sexy Lady”

Probably the most FUN song I’ve discovered this year, this girl is so terribly underrated and under-promoted. This song could be HUGE, but oh well.


7. Robyn & Royksopp “Monument”

Robyn and Royksopp’s collaboration album has highs and few lows, but this opening track is just EPIC!! Amazingly textured and one of the best aural experiences of the year. (It’s just a tad long, but worth it when you get to that Saxophone effect)


6. Beyonce featuring Drake “Mine”

I always find myself coming back to this beautifully complex track.


5. Duke Dumont featuring Jax Jones “I Got U”

I heard this on some random commercial and just had to have it. The steel drums, the low-key House bump and the Whitney Houston sample just make this one of the best FEELING songs I’ve gotten into this year.


4. Mariah Carey “Make It Look Good”


3. A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera “Say Something”

Can’t even explain why I love this song, it’s so simple but makes such an emotional impact. Great stuff.


2. Mariah Carey “Faded”

This song is so sad, but the groove of it and Mariah’s vocals make it very addicting for me.


1. Coldplay “Magic”

Everything about this song is on point, the lyricism, the production and even Chris’ vocals are … well, they fit the song and mood.