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HAPPY FRIDAY FOLKS!!!! And I’m back with another edition of my favorite Music of the week. Not much new happened this week, was busy with work, and I still haven’t figured out an appropriate Music time during work. And I barely listen to Music at home anymore (more time for Porn), but… you guys don’t care about any of this. Let’s get to the Top 10 already.

10. Nicki Minaj “Your Love”

Seriously, I forgot this song existed. I’ve been pulling out old burned CD’s I made, and this was the first song on one of them. I’m not a Nicki fan at the present moment, but back than I was her biggest cheerleader. This song is BASIC but I found myself enjoying it again this week.


9. Frank Ocean “Thinkin’ Bout You”

Same thing with “Your Love”, this song was on a burned CD and at that moment yesterday I was INTO IT. It’s especially fun to try to mimic his falsetto on “do you not think that much… ahead”. Where’s the next album though?


8. Cloud Nothings “Psychic Trauma”

I’ve had this album on my iTunes for a while, I finally gave it a listen some time last week. It Rocks, but overall it feels a little redundant with lots of the songs sounding similar to each other. This one stands out though, you know I love a good tempo-change.


7. Babyface “I Hope That You’re Okay”

I happen to love that “Love, Marriage & Divorce” collaboration album from Toni Braxton and Babyface. I had low expectations because I’m not a huge Babyface fan – I don’t really dig his voice most times, but he fits in nicely on the material on the album. I’m surprised to say that this is one of my favorites from the album, surprising because it’s his solo.


6. Coldplay “Magic” (tie) Brandy “Magic”

“And I can’t get over, can’t get over you” – is what I say about this song. I decided to switch it up (since it’s been on THREE of my lists so far) and post Brandy’s cover version.


5. Sam Sparro “Black and Gold”

My #1 song this week reminds me a helluvalot of this song, which is so dense and layered and with Sam’s great voice filling it out. The FUCK is he talking about though!?


4. 311 “Amber”

No long description here, I just LOVE this song, puts me in such a chill mood.


3. Toni Braxton and Babyface “Reunited”

Again, I was getting back into that “Love, Marriage & Divorce” album, and this was a stand out this week. It’s so cute and classic, like it could have been released in any decade and touch hearts.


2. Disclosure featuring Mary J. Blige “F for You”



1. Disclosure featuring Sam Smith “Latch”

I haven’t got on board the Sam Smith train yet, the idea of him annoys me. When I heard this song on the radio last week, I wanted to turn it just because of him, but it’s such a nice song and he has such a nice voice. I ended up downloading Disclosure’s album “Settle” and officially fell in love with this song.