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FLAWLESS-BEYONCE-MINAJUmmmm, what did I just listen to?

I don’t do Single or Remix reviews often, but as soon as I logged on to Facebook this morning I saw a bunch of posts about the “***Flawless” Remix that Beyonce released on Saturday that features Nicki Minaj. Since it’s #BeyonceWeek, I’m gonna go ahead and review this remix.

Where to start? Okay, so “***Flawless” is one of my favorites from “BEYONCE” but I think it was on one of my Youtube reviews where I said I wished that portion of the song (which is broken up in 3 parts, “Bow Down” – a speech from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – and the actual “***Flawless” track) was a lot longer. I’ve also thought that having a rapper on that portion of the song would have been perfect. I didn’t necessarily think it should have been a female rapper though, I thought something a little harder-edged, dripping with testosterone and bravado would have been ideal. However, Beyonce decided to finally throw Nicki Minaj a bone and let her share a credit with her (something Nicki has been pining for for years).

The remix starts with a weird vocal effect as Beyonce raps about THOTS being jealous of her and men wanting to get with her. The internet is especially tuned into the line about Shit goin down on an elevator, a reference to the famed Solange/Jay-Z situation from a few months ago. It’s really cute to hear Beyonce getting all cocky like this, but somehow it doesn’t hold the same excitement after tracks like “Diva”, “Yonce” and the original “***Flawless”.

The remix continues using the original hook and first verse from the album version, than we get a delicious sample of OutKast‘s “SpottieOttieDopalicious” (my favorite part of the remix) before Nicki comes on. Look, I haven’t been a fan of her since “Idol-Gate“, so part of me feels her verse on this remix was unnecessary. And to be honest, it’s a typical Nicki verse where she talks about how great she is, how bitches are no competition for her, how dudes crave her body, and blah blah blah. Not only is the lyrical content of her verse boring and unoriginal, her flow isn’t even all that great. I think she could have seriously stepped things up for this collab, ESPECIALLY given the fact that the song has been out for 8 months now.

So in the end, I’m not impressed. However I just listened to it three times here at work. I’m sure (like pretty much everything Beyonce has put out) it’ll grow on me. I love the fact that I have a longer version of the song available, I just hate that so much of it is wasted on Minaj.