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imageBeyonce and Jay-Z‘s “On the Run Tour” comes to a close this week, and since the show is coming to my area tomorrow I decided to make this week BEYONCE WEEK.

I’ve done Rihanna, Madonna, Mariah, Kanye and Jay-Z themed weeks – and thought I’ve thought of doing Beyonce, it just never happened. I figured this week would be the perfect time to celebrate King Bey, and I’m going to do my best to make this the best themed week thus far.

On the agenda are a few things I always do during theme weeks including Top 10 Music Videos (for #TopTenThursday) and Album Discography Reviews (on Wednesday). For Bey, I’m gonna countdown my Top 25 Favorite Songs (tomorrow for #TopTwentyFiveTuesday) and POSSIBLY my favorite Live Performances of her career (maybe Wednesday or Friday). I also have two sort of Op-Ed’s that I’m working on, like Tomorrow I’m going to write the Three Reasons I’m not going to the “On The Run Tour”, another post will focus on why Bey is The King of the Industry (a post I was going to publish back in December when that record-breaking Visual Album was released) and one other post about the problems with being a Beyonce Stan (which I’ll try to have up by today).

So stay tuned, lots of FUN stuff for you Stans to sink your teeth into.