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imageTONIGHT is the NIGHT! The last two shows on the US leg of Jay-Z and Beyonce‘s “On The Run Tour”, and it’s in San Francisco – right over the bridge for me. You’d think I’d definitely be in attendance, as if it’s some sort of obligation for any BeyHive member, but sadly I won’t be in the house. I’m not going to lie and pretend I really don’t want to go, because if somebody snuck me a ticket or I found a couple hundred bucks on the side of the road – I would DEFINITELY be there tonight with no hesistation. But you know, being an adult sucks and … well, there are three main reasons why I’m not gonna be there with the rest of the crowd.


Based on the prices for Beyonce’s “Mrs. Carter Show” last year, I was REALLY surprised to see the price range for the “On The Run Tour” were actually reasonable. That is, if you don’t mind looking at the monitors for most of the time. The seating arrangement at AT&T Park is kind of jacked up, so even if you are just 10 rows away, you aren’t very close to the stage at all. I have to admit though, that’s not that big of a problem because most of the fun of any concert is just being in the house with your friends a bunch of other fans singing and dancing along to your favorite songs. However, when you think about the fact that I don’t have anybody to go with, it’s kind of like “Why pay that money to go by yourself?” (which I’ve done for Beyonce twice already).

So yeah, I’m gonna let the suckiness of adulthood be the reason here. I am just now settling back into the Bay Area life and I got bills and loans to pay off. Although the concert would be a deserved splurge for me, I’m gonna be responsible and not spend all that money on two artists that are already multi-millionaires.



I think what really sealed the deal for me NOT going was when HBO announced that the Paris show would be broadcast live September 20th. I can wait for a few weeks, and I’ll be able to see things more clearly, hear things better, and have the liberty to watch it over and over again (although, DAMN, I don’t have DVR anymore). Of course you are disconnected from the crowds, but you still get the show.



I generally tend to stay away from looking at Set-lists of Tours online. I’m all for that element of excitement and surprise, which is COMPLETELY LOST on this generation. I ASSUMED that since Beyonce was on tour just last year, before her “BEYONCE” album was released, that THIS tour would be somewhat dedicated to the new album. Meaning her set would consist mostly of those new tracks. If I had went to the show thinking that, I would have been severely disappointed.

When the online media outlets starting reporting about Bey changing the lyrics to “Resentment”, I thought “WHY IN THE HELL IS SHE SINGING ‘RESENTMENT’ ON THIS TOUR”? I mean, it was never a single, and it’s such a DOWNER of a song. So I went ahead and looked at the set-list and I was struck with a big WTF! The choices from BOTH artists are a little confusing to me, like “Show Me What You Got” by Jay is one of his least favorites among fans, and “Jigga My Nigga” is ancient and mostly forgotten by now (it was one of the lesser tracks on the excellent “Blueprint” album). On Bey’s end, “If I Were a Boy”, “Why Don’t You Love Me”, the aforementioned “Resentment”, “Ring the Alarm” (a song she completely ditched after “The Beyonce Experience Tour” – and only sung halfway on THAT tour), and a cover of Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor” seem to be odd choices.

HOFF_CHI_SHOW-2723The BIGGEST thing for me is the exclusion of “Blow” and “XO”. Two of the best songs on “BEYONCE”. “Blow” has that really fun and bouncy sound that would have the crowds going wild, and it has that great Call/Response of the “Cherry” part. And “XO”, she performed it a few days after “BEYONCE” was released in December on her “Mrs. Carter Show Tour”, and she said the song was dedicated to her fans… so what happened? She doesn’t love us like XO Anymore?

Now I know that one of the draws for the show is that the two supposedly mash up their songs, which I think is an interesting idea (albeit something Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake did on their joint tour last year). But let’s be honest, in those big stadiums sound quality is a problem. Not only do you MOSTLY hear the crowds, but a lot of times sound quality is generally a little muddled and doesn’t really travel to every part of the venue. So those subtle mixes from Bey to Jay songs will end up being almost unheard to the crowds.

So I’m not going, but I’m SURE it’s going to be an amazing show. From what I’ve seen, they both LOOK great, and hearing “Drunk in Love” Live has to be amazing. The NEED to go isn’t all that severe to me though, I’ve seen Beyonce live three times (five if you include Destiny’s Child), and I’ve seen Jay live twice. So, I’ll save my little coins and just wait for September 20th.

Everybody who IS going tonight and tomorrow though, HAVE FUN!!!! Take lots of pics, and DANCE YOUR ASS OFF!!! chicago