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This post kills two birds with one stone. #BEYONCEWEEK is going ahead full steam, and I’m staying consistent with my Weekly #TopTwentyFiveTuesday, so… yay for me.


But nobody cares about all that, let’s just get into today’s list.  MY FAVORITE Beyoncé songs. Being the huge fan I am, I have LOTS of favorites so it was a little difficult to file it down to only 25. There are lots of my other favorites that won’t make the list (“Video Phone”, “If”, “Get Me Bodied”, “***Flawless”, “That’s How You Like It”, “Disappear” to name a few), but what I ended up with I think is a good representation of her best music, her talents as a singer, and her ability to pick tracks that fit her perfectly.

So let’s get started shall we…

25. “1+1

This slow burner is great because Bey balances subtle vocals which lead into some power notes. It’s a very beautiful, yet simple Alternative/Urban sound. The song definitely stands out as something unique and organic in her collection.


24. “Gift from Virgo

A short, jazzy, breezy, soulful number that I didn’t immediately like from her solo debut. Now, every time it starts with that beautiful harmony I just can’t NOT listen to it. It’s really cute because it’s definitely an older sound, but the lyrics are more modern. Another instance of Beyonce’s ability to mix the old and the new.


23. “Yes

I have always loved the writing on this song, one big example is how every other line alternates “You” and “I” at the beginning. I also really love the message of the song, because most people can relate to the idea of “the first time I say NO, it’s like I never said YES”, which can be related to lovers, friends, coworkers, family or anything.


22. “Ego

Love the wordplay in this song, I love the cocky-ness, I love the “I got every reason to feel like I’m That Bitch”, and I love the groove of the track. Great song.


21. “Me, Myself and I

One of those self-love anthems that so many people need to take to heart. I also love this song because it’s really fun to sing, and at times it’s pretty funny “no need to front like you’re still with me AAAALLL yo’ homies know!”


20. “Radio

The best thing about this Electro/Urban/Dance track is the fact that the track is venturing into an area Bey hadn’t really been known for, but the lyrics and her vocal delivery is hilariously #ratchet (“I be on the hotline, like Err’day”) and just overall a really really fun song.


19. “Green Light

“Give it to Mama”. Much like everything else on “B’Day”, this song is FUNKY and has some incredibly powerful vocals from our King. I also love the Neptunes production and how the song just builds and builds and builds, I never get tired of this song.


18. “Speechless

This sexy Isley Brothers-esque slow-burner from Bey’s solo debut has definitely stood the test of time  and become one of her classics.


17. “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

Can you believe I almost forgot to include this Iconic song. I’ll admit, when I first heard it I wasn’t completely in love (sounded too much like “Get Me Bodied”), but as it became the phenomenon it is, it definitely grew into one of my faves.


16. “No Angel

It’s hard to even come up with the words to describe why I love this song so much. The production is so beautifully complex, I love the message, and it’s just a cool laid back/almost Indie sounding song that hasn’t grown old for me yet.


15. “Halo

Her vocals on this are so strong and powerful, but it’s really just a sweet love ballad that has become a staple of her Discography for good reason.


14. “Grown Woman

Boooo for Beyoncé never OFFICIALLY releasing this uptempo piece of GOLD. From the lovely vocal flow, to the African vibes at the end, and the empowering and confident lyrics. It’s one of her best and most fun songs.


13. “Smash Into You

Even though I give this song the side-eye because of that whole “Smack” “Smash” songwriting thing, I can’t deny it’s one of my favorite Pop songs from her. I love singing along to it, simply put it’s just beautiful. And I can never shake the images of her performing this on her “I Am Tour” DVD, with all the Diana Ross-styled cape flowing.

(ugh, I wish I could find the “I Am Tour DVD” Version)

12. “Irreplaceable

OKAY!!! Just like “Single Ladies”, I CANNOT BELIEVE I forgot about this one. I guess with some of her biggest hits (and this is one of her BIGGEST) I tend to look over them, but honestly this is a GREAT GREAT song. I gotta give Ne-Yo his due, because the lyrics on this kiss-off record are HILARIOUS. But Beyonce makes it such a fun song to sing along with, and the attitude and tone of her voice matches perfectly. (I actually published this post and like 10 seconds later remembered I NEEDED to include this. No Harm, No Foul)


11. “Blow

Well first of all, this song is Funky and Nasty just like a Prince or Rick James song in the 80’s. I love the retro-style of it, and I love how raunchy the lyrics are. Overall though, this is a REALLY good song, great vocals, perfect production, and fun fun fun.


10. “XO

This song just makes me smile. EVERY TIME. Easily one of her best.


9. “Suga Mama

Beyoncé and Rich Harrison make a great team, and this is Beyoncé at her FUNKIEST. Her vocals, all those soulful grunts and heft to her voice match perfectly with the track that drips with that hot buttered soul. I also really love the wordplay and the ad-libs and background stuff. I remember listening to this track for the first time and marveling at how Beyoncé knows exactly how to fill up each second of every song perfectly.


8. “Mine” featuring Drake

I could be here all day talking about this song. It’s amazing because it’s a merger of so many things – simple piano and vocal intro, a bounce-like mid-section, the hip hop outro, and the back and forth play of Bey and Drake. It’s all of these things, mixed with amazing lyricism, but it never feels like it’s doing too much. It’s perfectly balanced and a great listen.


7. “Crazy in Love” featuring Jay-Z

Her classic! There’s not much more to say other than it holds lots of nostalgia for us in the Beyhive, and it’s a really fun and up-tempo track that is one of her most infectious.


6. “Countdown

This track is too much fun, it’s like the amusement parks of Beyoncé songs because there’s so many great elements to enjoy. Her voice is strong in the sung parts, but she gives us that Beyoncé as rapper edge at certain points. The sample from Boyz II Men is creative and perfectly placed. It’s confessional, but not sappy. And all the different changes in the production make it one of those songs that continue to surprise and intrigue the listeners.


5. “I Miss You

Just beautiful! It’s a very simple song, she gives very simple vocals, but it’s all about the feeling and emotion, which definitely comes through … maybe more so than any of her other ballads.


4. “Drunk in Love” featuring Jay-Z

#SURFBOARD – Look, we all love this song. It’s sexy as hell, it’s funny, it’s something you can dance to or get down (if you know what I mean) to. It has so many elements that made it the hit it is. And I have no doubt this will stand the test of time as one of her essential recordings.


3. “End of Time

Who is still mad Bey never released this as an official single? *Raises Hand! I just think this song is perfect, it’s a sweet love song set to this infectiously percussion-driven track. She sings her heart out on the first verse and does her little staccato vocals on the second. It’s just everything we love about Beyoncé in 4 minutes, and though it’s a Fan favorite, it would have been nice to have the world fall in love with this song as well.


2. “Sweet Dreams

Beyoncé steps almost completely out of her element on this Jim Jonson Electro-fied track. Yes it’s what some might call a Dance track, but it’s beautifully layered and the lyrics are so intricate and well done – which isn’t really the standard for modern Dance songs. And her voice is so on point. It’s another one I’ll NEVER tire of.


1. “Upgrade U” featuring Jay-Z

Yup! I loved this song on the first listen, and all through the years I’ve never ever ever ever got tired of this fun up-tempo Hip Hop track. The production is insane, Jay’s verse here might be the best of all of their collaborations, and Beyoncé is on fire vocally. She just kills it.


So there you have it! MY FAVES!

Until the next post.