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Beyoncé is so very nice to look at, which is why her music videos are so celebrated, and a huge part of her Legacy. She can be incredibly sexy, she can dance her ass off, she even does a great job of expressing emotions and attitudes using just her gorgeous face. She’s also a fashion Icon, so the styling in her videos are always fresh and unique. Below are my Top 10 Favorite Beyoncé videos that have all of these qualities and then some. Many of these (even some of the ones not included) have started trends in hair, dance, make up and fashion proving her trendsetting ways, and proving she’s one of the best and most creative artists around.

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10. “Check on It” featuring Bun-B & Slim Thug

An incredibly fun and vibrant video, showcasing the genius of Video Legend Hype Williams and Beyoncé the performer. All of the looks are fantastic, the choreography is technical and on point, and we get #RATCHETBEY in all her weave-pattin’ gum-chewin’ glory.


9. “If I Were a Boy

The black and white mini-movie for “Boy” is perfectly executed for a few reasons. Firstly, the role-reversal angle works so well to match the lyrics of the song, and the twist-ending is surprisingly powerful. It shows Beyoncé in a different light, perfect for the Pop/Rock sound of the song which was totally different for her at the time. And EXCELLENT casting on that HOT HOT cop that plays Bey’s partner and on-the-side-love interest. Yum!


8. “Drunk in Love” featuring Jay-Z

The simplicity of this video is it’s biggest selling point. The majority of Beyoncé’s videos are highly stylized with several different set-ups and clothing, so it’s nice to see something like this from her. The BEST part of the video is that it feels like a peak into Beyoncé’s life, she’s just drunk dancing to a song she really loves with her man in tow. Great stuff!


7. “Why Don’t You Love Me

The video that no one saw coming. This thing popped up out of nowhere on Vimeo, and instantly the fans fell in love with it’s 60’s retro look. Beyoncé as B.B. Homemaker was adorable and sexy, and a perfect compliment to the song. And we all loved the little “Grammy grooming” #SHADE.


6. “Countdown

One of those videos that’s so fast paced, that has so many things going on, so many effects and cool edits, you can’t look away. And you don’t want to. A great compliment to the song which itself is fast paced and constantly changing. It’s really a shame this song and video didn’t get the promotion it deserved.


5. “Work It Out

Bey’s first solo video succeeds in looking like a 1974 Soul showcase reminiscent of some sort of Tina Turner and Sly & The Family Stone performance on Soul Train. She looks AMAZING and brings that Funk vibe of the song to the screen in beautifully eye catching ways.


4. “***Flawless

Can’t help but be cliché here, but… this video is FLAWLESS!! The whole punk look isn’t necessarily the imagery you’d get from “Flawless” or “Bow Down”, but it works so well. And most of the different shots are nothing short of amazing, like the slow-mo break in the mosh-pit. And the dancing (though there could have been more) is so fitting and fun, a visual treat that you can’t take your eyes off of.


3. “Irreplaceable

As if the song “Irreplaceable” isn’t funny enough, Beyoncé acts out the sass and attitude of the lyrics so perfectly in this clip. All of her eye-rolls and hair tosses are perfectly placed for comedic effect, but on top of that she looks BEAUTIFUL in every shot of this video. The more brown-tint of her hair and complexion really look great on her.


2. “Crazy in Love” featuring Jay-Z

This rapid paced, fashion forward, ultra-sexy Jake Nava video instantly cemented Beyoncé as a force to be reckoned with as a solo artist. She pulled off things nobody even ever thought to do, and this video became one of those Iconic clips that were often imitated but never duplicated. A true original.


1. “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

I gotta do it… I can’t NOT do it… “Single Ladies” is “one of the BEST VIDEOS OF ALL TIME… ALL TIME!!” Iconic, Legendary, Phenomenon are just a few words that describe this simplistic yet Grandiose piece of work. There’s those Iconic dance steps that everybody and their clown-face-wearing cousin tried to copy. Her styling, which has become such a memorable look for her. The direction, lighting and editing which don’t often get the praise they deserve. Most importantly though, in 2008 this video was something fresh and new, something that no other Pop R&B artist would have even attempted doing.


So that’s it for today.

Can I be honest!? (I’m getting tired of #BEYONCEWEEK but I’m going to come up with something to round this out tomorrow! I hope YOU all enjoyed it though, let me know in a comment!)