I don’t know what happened.

I’m hopping around different wifi spots trying to get a fast connection so I can multi-task. So I went from the library to Barnes and Noble Cafe, but I didn’t actually shut down or restart my PC before I changed wifi names so my connection was screwy when I got here. I knew I was going to have to disconnect or restart, but I had written a lot for the post I planned to post tonight and I didn’t want to lose it.

So what do I do? I COPY what I had written. I actually copied it THREE times just to be sure I had it. So I move, restart, re-connect, pull up WordPress and think it’s gonna be a simple thing of pasting what I had written. NOPE!!! Because it’s ME for whatever reason the stuff I copied didn’t keep. So I tried to paste three times and nothing.

So … sorry, readers (are you out there?) Nothing today. I’m not staying consistent and I’m a little upset about it, but I’m tired and irritated and just don’t have the energy anymore. So that’s that.


You want to know what it was that I was trying to put together though? My Top 25 Favorite TV Shows of All Time. I might post it next week, who knows, but for now… you can at least see the little pic I made for the post. It’ll give you an inkling of what shows were included.


So until next time folks.