oh New York, I miss you so much!

oh New York, I miss you so much!

So the last time we left, I moved three times from Hell’s Kitchen Manhattan to Brooklyn back to Manhattan in the Washington Heights area. At that point, I felt a little more settled into the NYC life. I had a steady temp job, and was starting to plan my future there hoping I’d get that job permanently. Such is life, things don’t always work out the way you hope so this next crop of songs helped me cope with those bouts of depression I experienced over the uncertainty of my life on the east coast, but this set will also provide some fun because at this point I had met my besties and was out nearly all the time.

Miguel “Kaleidoscope Dream” – Album

This probably should have been in the last group, because I remember getting into “Candles in the Sun” during the time I was living in Brooklyn. However, I LOVE this album so much and it was always on rotation.

Lady GaGa “Fashion”

I was already OVER “ARTPOP”, but I saw a clip of GaGa’s Muppet Thanksgiving Special and the performance of this song with the Godess Ru Paul and I totally fell in love with the song. “SLAAAAY”

Usher “What’s Your Name”

This 2007 album track was oddly very popular to me during my evening Subway trips back home. I have no idea why, but I know it made me happy on days when I was annoyed or tired or whatever. I had to even make myself a new Usher playlist.

Whitney, Miley, Spice Girls and other random oldies at the Gay Bars

Some of the most fun I’ve had at the Gay Bars was dancing to either super-corny Pop, like the time at Bartini when they started playing “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus. At POSH one night, they played a big block of Spice Girls and I smiled so incredibly hard the whole time. Vintage Whitney was a mainstay at all those Bars though; Boxers HK, Boxers Chelsea, Bartini and one of our favorites The Ritz. Nostalgia and cheesy Pop does wonders for your woes.

I’m kind of skipping months, but I have to add that on my birthday after Karaoke we went to a few East Village spots (err, I’m pretty sure it was the East Village) and Boiler Room had THE cheesiest, corniest, TRL-iest music and me and my crew (well one in particular who was right there with me dancing his butt off with me) were LIVING for the vintage N Sync, Britney, TLC, Backstreet Boys nostalgia. It was so much fun.

Kanye West “Hold My Liquor”

I love my Kanye, but it took me a minute to really get into that “Yeezus”. I remember my night walks in the little park near my Washington Heights place and really, really, REALLY getting into the vibe of this song. It’s pretty dark tonally, his lyrics and delivery sort of mimicked my feelings of desperation, anger, sadness and wanting to do something (or someone) to give yourself some power. I fell completely in love with it, and now I’ll always remember this as a Washington Heights song.

The Drums “Money”

This is slightly Arcadius related, but yeah I got RE-Obsessed with this song during my Washington Heights stay.

Red Hot Chili Peppers “Dosed”

Truth be told, I was all into the “Californication” and “By The Way” albums and a number of the songs. But I think this song matches the tone and vibe I was at back then. Kind of a melancholy, somewhat upbeat, but overall kind of sad vibe.

Beyonce “BEYONCE” – Album


I’m REALLY Happy I was in New York when Beyonce dropped the bomb. It was great to experience the impact while I was actually out and being social. And I LOVED how all the bars and clubs were playing it. G Lounge in Chelsea and No Parking in Washington Heights played the entire album during Happy Hour, and “Blow” was a favorite at The Ritz and Berlin (yuck, hated that club). And of course… “Drunk in Love” was a favorite of bars, clubs and cars! It was just really fun to hear people on December 13th and on saying “did you get the Beyoncé album” “what do you think of the Beyoncé album” “where were you when the Beyoncé album dropped”. Definitely an iconic moment I was happy to share with a bunch of people, like the Pizza joint we went to during a Boxers HK night and they were playing the album out loud on their iPhone and we turned that little place into a little party. Good Times.

Sade “The Ultimate Collection” – ALBUM


Never been a HUGE Sade fan. You know, I loved “Love Deluxe”, but other than that I have only liked a few songs from each album. One day, I was checking out that artist Rhye and she reminded me so much of Sade that I had to dig deeper into their collection. “Love is Stronger Than Pride” started it off, I was obsessed with that song for a while and than I started listening to everything I could from Spotify and landed on “The Ultimate Collection”. It’s a two-disc set that includes some previously unreleased songs, but it’s just fantastic. And that “Love is Found” song is EXCELLENT!!!

M.I.A. “Bad Girls”

So now I’m in another spot in Washington Heights. I was let go of my temporary assignment with no prospects of another job. I hung out in my room a lot, I had lots of random sex, and walked around a lot. With nowhere really to go. Anyway, I remember watching this video finally and loving it, and I also remember walking around NYC on Valentine’s Day listening to it back to back.

Pitbull & Ke$ha “Timber”

I’m gonna close out with this little piece of pop goodness. Me and my friends would get so silly when it would come on that it just leaves me with great memories of smiling and laughing and being happy.


Additionally, I should add that Janelle Monae‘s “Q.U.E.E.N.” and “Primetime” would always pop back into rotation at random moments. I got into a Maxwell kick early in the year, as well as going back to that good Chaka Khan from the late 70’s and early 80’s. Chairlift (“Planet Health” in particular) and Twin Sister were some of my favorite Indie discoveries. The Killers‘ “Shot at the Night” became a favorite. Katy Perry‘s “International Smile” was one of my favorite songs when I had a big project at work. AND… that’s all I got right now.

Overall, I had a GREAT TIME in New York and I gotta get back there. In the mean time, I’ll always have the music!