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I didn’t update the blog at all last week, Sorry. You know I go back and forth about if I really want to continue this blog, and last week I was definitely not feeling it. It has been incredibly busy for me this week at work, but I decided to do this while I have a short little breather. First off, here is what probably would have made the list last week. I downloaded Sia‘s album “1000 Forms of Fear” and completely fell in love with it, and was pretty much obsessed with it the whole week which would explain her dominance. Other than Sia, enjoy the rest of the list. Oh and apparently LADIES ROCK because this entire list is comprised of womenz!

10. Rihanna “Roc Me Out”

I got back into my Rihanna Playlist a bit last week (she’s a great remedy for a busy work day), and yeah this is an underrated song with hella swag that is so much fun to sing (“real hush-a boy don’t you speak it”).


9. Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball”

Good song.


8. Alicia Keys featuring John Mayer “Lesson Learned”

This song like, ALWAYS breaks my heart. I feel her pain. This is really an excellent song. So a little back story, because Alicia is well represented on this countdown as well. Remember that post about Artists who should release “Greatest Hits” albums, well I’m trying to decide if I want to do a bigger project with that – but I started out by making the tracklistings and testing them out. I started with Alicia, and I must say, the playlist I made is EX-CE-LLENT!!!! I added this song, though it wasn’t a single, because I think it’s one of those album cuts that most people really enjoy and it shows more diversity to her.


7. Miley Cyrus featuring Britney Spears “SMS (Bangerz)”

Ionlike the Britney part, but this song is ridiculously cute.


6. Rihanna featuring Eminem “Numb”

I LOVELOVELOVELOVE this song, never get tired of it, so obviously when I broke out that Rihanna playlist this was on repeat for a minute.


5. Alicia Keys “You Don’t Know My Name”

This is probably (well not probably, it IS) my favorite Alicia song. I love that Kanye track, it’s so smooth and has that rock to it. And the “milk and cream” part always makes me smile. Classic.


4. Alicia Keys “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart”

I’m telling you guys, my Alicia Playlist is off the hook, and I tend to always get really excited when this song comes on. It might actually become one of my Top favorites by her.


3. Sia “Big Girls Cry”

Let’s just say the next 3 songs are tied, because I love Sia’s album so much. THIS song is actually the one that made me say “hey, this might actually be a really cool album”. I love the way Sia plays with her voice and phrasing, so that it’s almost very mumble-y but she still has a really strong voice and the emotions she puts on these songs is always on point and appropriate for the songs.


2. Sia featuring The Weeknd and Diplo “Elastic Heart”

Wow! The production on this track KILLS. The lyrics KILL. And this might be the only instance where The Weeknd was singing and his falsetto “voice” didn’t annoy the shit out of me. GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT SONG!


1. Sia “Chandelier”

It’s funny, because I feel like this song has been out for a minute. I remember seeing people post it on Facebook but I never listened. I like Sia and everything, but I just wasn’t ready to join a Sia-bandwagon. PLUS, unless it’s one of my favorite artists, I prefer to listen to the whole album instead of isolated singles. This song is nothing short of amazing, and definitely deserving of the hit status it’s received.