Yup. Back again. Enjoy.

10. Deniece Williams “Lets Hear it for the Boy”

I was at the Dentist office yesterday, and he loves having KISSFM playing. Lots of 80’s R&B and Pop, and it was really taking me back to my childhood. THIS song came on and I was like 4 years old again in my brain.

9. Michael Buble “Home”

Was thinking about this song yesterday, it’s really one of those Instant Vintage songs. Always classic and always satisfying.

8. Calvin Harris “Summer”

I was ALL excited when I saw the “Summer, The Remixes” EP on iTunes. Specifically the Diplo (and some other person) remix. It kinda sucked, and I didn’t even listen to the other remixes. So I’ll settle for the original.

7. Sia “Chandelier”

I’ll get over this song at some point, I’m sure of it. Just not right now.

6. Jessie J “Thunder”

Such a great song.

5. Tamar Braxton “All The Way Home”

Well, we can get into why I got into a Tamar kick this week a bit later. Needless to say, this song is the shit.

4. Sia “Big Girls Cry”

I’ll also get over Sia’s album at some point, just not this week.

3. Maroon 5 “Feelings”

So I listened to Maroon 5’s new album “V”, and it’s just alright. I mean, the songs are good enough for me to NOT skip over, but it’s slightly generic. Anyhoo, this song is just fun, even if it DOES sound like a Jamiroquai rip off. (i LOVE the way he sings “feeeeeeeeeeeelings” lol)

2. Tamar Braxton “Black Tears”

Bonus track from Tamar’s amazing album, must have listened to this like 6 times today. (“little tears that you crying now/ain’t got nothing on these black tears”).

1. Tamar Braxton “The One”

So yeah, one day after work this past week I had this song running through my head. I have NEVER taken Tamar’s “Love and War” album off my iPhone, so it wasn’t an issue to listen to the song. I intended on listening to that ONE song and for the next few days I was stuck on the whole thing, which one year later is still amazing!!