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This weeks Top 10 list was almost a photo finish, because I couldn’t decide which of two songs should get the coveted #1 spot. At the beginning of the week, I synced new albums to listen to (because I had been seriously stuck on Sia, Beyonce and Rihanna for the past few months). Karen O, Jhene Aiko, Interpol, and a few others including Chris Brown’s “X”. I got stuck on a few songs on “X” and I was certain one of the songs would be my #1 pick this week, until Wednesday when I was working and found myself craving the Neo-Soul sounds of the likes of Maxwell, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild, Anthony Hamilton and Chrisette Michele. That altered things a lot, and makes for a pretty interesting Top 10 this week. Enjoy, and have a great weekend.


10. Jhene Aiko “W.A.Y.S.”

W.A.Y.S. = Why Aren’t You Smiling. I love Jhene and her acronyms (“W.T.H.” still cracks me up). I didn’t get too far into her solo debut, but this song stuck to me for a few reasons. It’s really inspiring, and I really related to the struggle she talks about in the song. Also, it’s just a nice song overall, I’m really digging this girl and her style.


9. Chrisette Michele “Epiphany (I’m Leaving)”

I LOVE CHRISETTE MICHELE. I don’t know how many of you watch “R&B Divas LA”, but she’s a part of it this season, and though I liked her before, I was really surprised that the reality show made me like her even more. So much so I finally decided to give her back catalogue a listen. This of course was a big hit, so I was most familiar with it and I played it out a bit this week. Great song.


8. Chris Brown featuring Brandy “Do Better”

That Brandy sure can sang! This is an awesome song.


7. Jill Scott “He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat)”

This has always been a favorite of mine, it’s so pretty and poetic. No shade, but I don’t think Jill ever topped her debut album, simply because her style was so unique. This song, among others, is a testament that she brought something really new and completely HERS to the industry. Classic shizz!


6. Maxwell “Pretty Wings”

I do. I love me some Maxwell, and even though I didn’t fully get into this song as much as his others it’s definitely an excellent song. Melodies, Instrumentation, Lyrics and Vocals are ALL on point.


5. Anthony Hamilton “I’m A Mess”

“CALL ME. WRITE ME. LOVE ME. COME HOME.” I LOVE a good majority of Hamilton’s soulful debut album, but this one takes the cake. The lyrics are so intense, the instrumentation is dripping with that old school soul-stank, and that ending choir and the pitch effects… AMAZING!


4. Jill Scott “A Long Walk”

Again, Jill and her debut album are so frikkin unique. I was into this massive hit this week and marvelled at her flawless ability to mix soul, poetry and hip hop into such a lovely song. I was actually surprised I remembered most of the lyrics, and how much the song made me smile.


3. Chris BrownLost in Ya Love

I like “X” a lot, but DAMN… 22 songs! It took me pretty much ALL of Monday to finally get through the album and before this song I was getting bored of the album. This hit, with such a lovely beat and sweet harmonies and lyrics, I fell in love.

(I see Breezy is on his PRINCE-game, because I can’t find the audio to this song anywhere on YouTube. I’m not sure how to Embed shit from Tumblr so I’ll just link it… click on the song title above to hear the track)


2. Chris Brown featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga “Loyal”

“Just got rich. Took a broke nigga’s bitch. I can make a broke bitch rich. But I don’t fuck with broke bitches.” I swear I never got into this song until this week (I had heard of it, but never heard it until the BET Awards), because it’s MAD Nigger-ish and Ignorant and Misogynistic and all’a’dat! But that beat is sick, I hella wanna go out to a club and get my dance on to it. Thus all the plays this week, I was working on my moves!!


1. Chrisette Michele “Charades”

THIS SONG IS SO GOOD “dot com period” !!! Yeah, I don’t even have anything else to say, it’s just a perfect flow and perfect mood. I was WAY into it this week. LOVE YA CHRISETTE.