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Happy Friday Blog Readers!

I wanted to come and give a really quick update on what’s coming up next for the blog. I figure if I post this as a Promise-To-Post, then I won’t just say “fuck it, who cares” and I’ll feel obligated to post it. I really want to process my thoughts and make this happen.

blackish_wide-cb04bca7d9a6e6cfa0d020745c9474b6c2d727f6-s4-c85What is the post? You might ask. Well it’s about “black-ish“, a show I raved about on the premiere and now I have an almost completely different view of the show. Clearly from my posts about “black-ish” and “Looking” and even my post about “Drunk History“, you can tell that Racial Equality in the media is important to me. That’s what I plan on addressing, and how I think “Black-ish” is doing a horrible job of representing what’s on the minds of African Americans.

Viola-Davis-and-the-cast-of-How-To-Get-Away-With-Murder_article_story_largeHowever, I also wanted to talk about another new ABC series “How to Get Away with Murder” starring Viola Davis. I enjoyed the premiere episode, but the show comes on so late that I missed the second half of the second episode and I completely missed last nights show. However, there was one small detail in that show that I wanted to address. Something good, something that does try to switch up the racial roles on network TV. (I wonder if any of you can guess what I’m going to focus on?)

Anyway, I am trying to decide if I want to combine both shows in one post (which would probably get posted this coming Wednesday), or if I want to talk about them separately (which would mean the “Black-ish” post would come on Wednesday, and the “Murder” post would come on Thursday to coincide with when those shows air). Either way I PROMISE to post both by the end of next week.


So stay tuned.