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Hey, so I uploaded something to YouTube earlier today and I thought I’d go ahead and share it.

Now if you remember my post this past Summer, about me being in that Video Editing class. In that blog post I had three videos, one of which was a trailer for Martin Scorsese’s epic “The Aviator”. That was actually my Final project in the class, and I think I told you guys I was unhappy with it and wanted to try to revise it.

Well, I went ahead and did it and I want you to see it.

So now that you’ve seen it, I guess I should talk about what went into doing this revision and what I’m happy and unhappy about still.

If you watch my first trailer (which looks like a sloppy first draft at this point), you might notice that it was a bit rushed. A lot of the transitions are really sloppy, the text crawl is super basic, and the music is one note and boring. I think what bothered me the most about the original one I did is the time stretch sequences (mostly towards the end), which look incredibly cheap.

However I must pat myself on the back for the first draft, because I literally completed it from start to finish in probably 4 hours total. I ended up getting an A in the class, but I was super-disappointed with the result.

So moving on to the NEW trailer. I won’t go into the gritty details of the process, I just knew a couple of things I wanted to change going into it. Music was key, I wanted something about flying or being in the clouds or the sky. I had chosen a few songs initially (John Legend’s “So High” and Rihanna’s “Get It Over With”), but once I actually started editing I decided on two different songs. Here I used The Wombat’s “Jump into the Fog”, a song I fell in love with last year. The spur of the moment change ended up being a perfect match, especially how the opening of the song is PERFECT to the footage I used.

The use of Kanye’s “Touch the Sky” was a very last minute decision, but I love how it fits in. It’s a change in vibe and tone that was necessary, and I love how certain parts match up with the lyrics (“come up in the spot looking extra fly” when Leo swags his way towards screen). I have to say, Audio and the levels is something I need to master, because I can’t seem to figure out what to do in regards to lowering the music track to accommodate for the dialogue (I’ll be in Sound Design next semester though, so hopefully that will help).

The next big thing for me to improve upon was the text. I hate the text I used in the first draft, and the teacher’s feedback was saying that I should avoid using black backgrounds in the middle of a trailer because it takes you out of the mood. So I worked (semi) hard on the text on this new trailer. I have to tell you all, it took me FOREVER to decide on exactly what the text would say. What I ended up with is close to my original idea, but I went through so many different changes in that text to the point where I almost didn’t include text at all.

I am pleased with what I finally decided on, and the flow of the text. I especially love “to touch the sky” and how the plane and the text seem to dance with each other. There is one small glitch on “A Man who knows no limits” (the opacity goes down, then back up for a milli-second, then back down), but overall I love the text.

So after the music and the text, it was just an issue of dropping the right footage in, which is really the easy part of Video Editing.

So yeah, that’s pretty much it. I hope you enjoy, and hope someone can provide some feedback on my improvements.

My next two projects (which are now personal projects, because I don’t have another video editing class until Spring semester) will be Pixar’s “Brave” and another Scorsese/Dicaprio collab “Wolf of Wall Street”. “Brave” was one of the movies in my Video Editing package, but I didn’t want to use it until I heard a particular song that I felt would fit perfectly with the movie. And I just had a random/out-of-nowhere idea for a “Wolf” trailer and I hope I can execute what I’m thinking. Those should be done and up in the next two weeks (I HAVE the Adobe Creative Cloud on my personal laptop now).

For now, enjoy what I have. I am taking Photoshop and After Effects classes this semester and I expect to post my work online – including this blog where I’ll be able to go into detail about my edu-ma-cation! #STAYTUNED