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10. James Blake “Overgrown”

Trying to find inspiration for my next school project. This was a start, but not the final result. Still a killer song though.


9. Jessie J featuring 2 Chainz “Burnin’ Up”

Finally got into Jessie’s third album “Sweet Talker” this week, it’s really good and I’m glad she FINALLY got good material to match her talent. This song is #2 on the album, and it immediately hooked me. (I predict more Jessie J songs on next weeks countdown)


8. Chris Brown featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga “Loyal”

I mean, this song is so infectious I can’t go too many days without listening to it at least once.


7. Fergie “Mary Jane Shoes”

Was on a MAJOR Fergie kick this week (as you’ll see below), and this was one of my FAVES from her solo debut.


6. James Blake “Life Round Here”

This was the song that really inspired an idea. I actually don’t think I’m going to use the idea for class right now, but I definitely feel that this song fits with what I eventually want to do.


5. Danity Kane “Bye Baby”

I started this week listening to the new DK album, and you can see my full review here. This song is so cute and catchy. Check out this video I found months ago when the song was first leaked, it’s TOO funny and it’s the only image I have when listening to the song.


4. Jay-Z featuring Santigold “Brooklyn Go Hard”

So I made a playlist to match my “Top 25 Kanye West Productions” list, and I was stuck on this song for a minute. It actually spurred on my mid-week Santigold kick.


3. Fergie “L.A.Love (La La)”

I FINALLY heard this song on the radio this past weekend, and I’m addicted.


2. Santigold “Lights Out”

Santigold’s debut album is THE SHIT!! One of the best debut albums of all time, and I love almost every single song. But for whatever reason I was loving the shit out of this little catchy track.


1. Fergie “London Bridge (Oh Shit)”

“I’m such a lady but I’m dancin’ like a HOOOE” LOL!!! GAWD, I don’t know what it was but I was LOVING this song this week. It kinda brought back really fun memories of me and a former besty, and it’s just so full of attitude and sass, AND it’s a crazy beat that I love dancing to.