Daft Punk 1Last week I got myself into a Daft Punk kick. Those two masked dudes have been my favorite Electronica act for about 15 years with their very unique style and infectious ass songs and videos.

It was the Calvin Harris review that really started it, one song on his album reminded me of a Daft Punk song that I HAD to hear one night… and that spiraled into me just listening to Daft Punk nearly all weekend and into this week. And it really made me aware of how little I’ve talked about them on this blog.

For instance, I never gave a proper review of their latest album “Random Access Memories”, and I never talked about how Happy I was for them when they won Album of the Year at the Grammy’s. (I did post a review of that album on YouTube, and it’s actually one of the few YouTube videos I did that seemed well prepared and well spoken… check it out! I also did a very low-energy and loopy review of the Grammy’s where I talked about why I was so happy they won Album of the Year and why I thought their performance was the best of the night… you can watch that as well).

So I was thinking, I could randomly do a Daft Punk week and get it all out of me once and for all. Daft Punk 7

It might not be a FULL week, maybe just two or three days, but what I wanted to cover were some of my regular type posts for themed weeks. For instance, I really want to do a Daft Punk Discography Review, I want to count down my favorite songs and videos from them, and maybe one other post that I haven’t figured out yet.

Anyway readers, what do you think? Should I go for it?

(Additionally, I wrote up a few drafts that I might end up posting by the end of next week. Just know they don’t have anything to do with anything current and they are excessively random, but I wrote them so that should be good enough right!? Lol)