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Hey All. Well I know my Top 10 Songs normally pop up on Fridays, but I was sick this whole weekend with a cold. You know my wifi limitations, so I didn’t feel like getting up and walking to Target or anywhere else to post this.

What you’ll get is a lot of Bowie, Harris and Daft Punk (would it be TOO random to have a Daft Punk week in the coming weeks?), it was an interesting week to say the least.

So here it goes. ENJOY!!


10. David Bowie “Up the Hill Backwards”


9. Beyoncé featuring Drake “Mine”


8. Fergie “L.A. Love (La La)”


7. Nirvana “Rape Me”


6. Daft Punk “Musique”


5. David Bowie “Fashion”


4. Calvin Harris “Faith”


3. Daft Punk featuring Panda Bear “Doin’ It Right”


2. Daft Punk “Giorgio by Moroder”


1. Calvin Harris featuring John Newman “Blame”