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Another Week, Another Top 10. I have been way into Daft Punk this week, they ARE one of my favorite all time acts, but this week I’ve been trying to reconnect AND listen to some of the stuff I may have glossed over. There WILL be a #DaftPunkDAY on the blog sometime next week (probably Thursday or Friday), and I will talk about all of my favorites by them, but there are those songs that really stuck out for me this week that I included. There’s also some Beyonce, some Calvin Harris and Fergie just keeps hanging on. The Top 2 are actually NOT Daft Punk, but I have to say Daft Punk inspired me to listen. I have always loved #1, but Daft Punk forced me to download the EP that #2 is from and yeah, I instantly fell in love with THAT song. So, here you go. Enjoy!


10. Fergie “L.A. Love (La La)”

Totally didn’t know the video was out until right now. I’m not sure she NEEDED a rapper on this, but I’m glad this song isn’t quite dead. I really do love it!


9. Beyonce “Blow”


8. Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Goulding “I Need Your Love”


7. Daft Punk “Too Long”

THIS SONG!!! I’m going to talk about it more on #DaftPunkDAY in a post I’m thinking of calling “ME + DAFT PUNK : A History” #staytuned


6. J. Holiday “Bed”

Loved this song when it was a hit years ago, and it still holds up. So catchy and sexy.


5. Daft Punk “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”


4. Beyonce “No Angel”

Bey is getting as bad as Prince though, can’t find a link for this… but y’all already know the song “Tell me do you wanna riiiide”


3. Daft Punk “Robot Rock”


2. Panda Bear “Faces In The Crowd”

BOOO!!! can’t find a link for this AMAZING song either!!


1. Animal Collective “My Girls”