I was SO Gung-ho to make #DAFTPUNKDAY happen on Saturday as I promised in several posts. Well, It didn’t happen. Obviously.

l35921-daft-punk-lego-model--4445Friday was a little hectic at work, followed by my Photoshop class that night. Then, I got really caught up in my homework for class (a real FUN project for my Motion Graphics/After Effects class) during most of the day on Saturday, and I had work Saturday night. Sunday was my Sleep day, and basically even though I did do drafts for 3 of the posts I had planned, I just couldn’t get it together enough to make a go of it.

But I have good news. Potentially. #DAFTPUNKDAY WILL happen, and instead of trying to rush it this week I have a new plan for December. A sort of Artist Appreciation type deal that will come once a week for every week of December.

The idea is to shine a light on artists that I love, but don’t really talk too much about on my blog. Those artists that I truly appreciate and respect, but I don’t always think about. Like Daft Punk, I truly love them and marvel at how awesome there music is, but when I’m thinking of my favorite artists they don’t automatically pop up in my brain. And I have several artists I love that have the same effect.

So that’s the idea, for now, and I already have 3 other artists in mind to fill out December.

Grammy_drawingIn addition to that idea, December is going to be a busy one and I’m hoping that I can step up to the task. The Grammy nominations will be announced on December 5th, and I have a little Prediction post that I’m going to get together. I’m also going to try to bring back my Year in Music post where I talk about my Favorite music of 2014.

So basically, I’m asking you to stay tuned. This year has been an interesting one as a blogger, because I almost quit. I’m glad I didn’t, because I’ve been able to try new things on here and they’ve been met with some success. So I want to end the year out in a big way, and I hope you come along for the journey.Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers