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dpNot much explanation is needed for this post, it’s just a countdown of my all time favorite Daft Punk songs. The ones that get me amped up, or chilled out. The songs where I just marvel at the skills of our Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, and the ones that are just too fun to not like. Enjoy!

10. “Game of Love

I’ve always had a thing for Daft Punk’s slower chilled out cuts. It’s funny because a lot of their songs have so much energy and noise and are just hectic, it’s great when they just give us a laid back feel and this song is one of the BEST in that vein.


9. “Fresh

THIS is my Road Trip song. The feeling of this early Daft cut is so relaxing and groovey, even though there’s really nothing more than a looped sample, a nice dance-y back beat and the sounds of waves in and out (which I think contributes to that relaxing sound). Just a great track overall.


8. “Robot Rock

This song is a perfect representation of the album “Human After All”, it’s very grunge-y and rocked out but you can also dance your ass off to it. It’s dark and angsty but it’s also really fun and funky.


7. “Too Long

Such great memories come from this song, but aside from my personal relations this very long Disco-Funk track is beautifully layered and incredibly addictive.


6. “Giorgio by Moroder

I became a big Donna Summer fan in High School, thus I became a huge Giorgio Moroder fan. This track starts with Moroder talking about his early days of singing and producing, and it leads into an incredibly sexy and chill track complimented with some excellent live drums and a great feeling.


5. “Musique

A repetitive number that is so funky and easy to dance to that you don’t even mind that you’ve heard them say “Musique” about 174 times. It’s really about that BASS in this cut.


4. “Technologic

I often underestimate the greatness of this song, until I listen to it and I’m captivated by the genius of Bangalter and Homem-Christo. They have this ability to take things that could be so irritating and redundant, but they lace the track so well with great back beats and samples and keyboard sequencing so that the songs almost always end up shocking you with their awesome-ness. “Technologic” is one of those songs.


3. “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

See above. Once I really got into this song (and you’ll read about it in a later post), I couldn’t help but marvel at the skill these guys have. It’s almost like the 8 words used are different keyboard keys and they play them like a proper instrument. That’s of course with the ridiculously funky backing track that makes you want to move some things. Ace track.


2. “Doin’ It Right” featuring Panda Bear

I love me some Panda Bear, and this collaboration hasn’t gotten old to me yet. It’s really uplifting and inspiring, while being very laid back and just COOL.


1. “Around the World

The song that made me fall in love with Daft Punk is still, without a doubt, my favorite. It’s SOOOO Funky (have I said Funky enough in this post!?), and so infectious. It’s futuristic with a vibe of old school, and it almost perfectly represents why this duo is the shit!