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After two weeks of talking about it, it’s finally here. DAFT PUNK DAY!DaftPunkDigitalArt8

Like I said in an earlier post, my love and appreciation for Daft Punk has risen again, and I feel bad because they haven’t been all that represented on my blog. I didn’t do an official review of “Random Access Memories”, I didn’t talk about how happy I was for them when they won Album of the Year at last years Grammy’s. In fact, my readers might not even know how much I love the duo because of the lack of posts about them.

So that’s why I’m doing DAFT PUNK DAY. It’s a day for me to talk about how much I love them, how much they inspire me, how many great memories their music brings up for me, and just how talented they are.

The plan is to have a post come up every hour, and there will be four posts in total. A Discography Review of their official albums, followed by a Discography Review of some of their Remix albums Live albums and Compilations. My Top 10 Favorite Songs by the duo. And a sort of testimonial post, that chronicles my history with their amazing music. This is all in no particular order (to keep you all guessing!), but I’m pleased to say they are all written and ready to go!!

So sit back, enjoy, and get into it! #DAFTPUNKDAY is HERE!!