Now, to close out #DAFTPUNKDAY, here’s something a little different. Because Thomas and Guy have a bunch of releases that aren’t technically albums of new material, I decided to just breeze through those sets. There are three Remix albums, and I’ll tell you that I’m normally not into the Remix album (only in very specific circumstances) so most of those I listened to for the first time in the past two weeks. Daft Punk also has two Live albums, one of which is one of my all time favorite Live albums and the other one I never knew existed until about 3 weeks ago. Thomas and Guy also have a Greatest Hits album, and that score for “Tron Legacy”.

There’s a lot to cover here, and since I’m off work in about 34 minutes, let’s get into it.

61EBamxG3SL._SL1500_I’ll start with “Musique Vol. 1 (1993-2005)”, Daft Punk’s one and only official Greatest Hits compilation album. Obviously I own all of their albums, and the only ones I grabbed from this are the B-sides and remixes. As I look at the tracklist though, this set does give listeners a pretty fair representation of their work up until that point. Of course there are some personal favorites missing, but overall it’s a decent set with a good deal of diversity to show their skills. The remixes and B-sides are fantastic though. I already talked about the title cut and how awesome it is, but two of my other favorites are the remixes Guy and Thomas did for other (kind of obscure) artists Ian Pooley and Gabrielle. “Chord Memory” and “Forget About the World” both take Daft in a more HOUSE-Dance direction, both cuts are so chill and groovey, they definitely give added incentive to buy the whole set.

71Rpx2zeRZL._SL1500_Now we get into the Remix albums, which each have highs and redundant lows. “Daft Club”, which is the Remix album to “Discovery”, is ambitious but maybe a little too all over the place. There’s Hip Hop remixes, there’s acoustic versions of songs from the aforementioned album, there are remixes from star producers The Neptunes and Basement Jaxx, but it’s all too much to make the album feel consistent. I do enjoy when Daft remixes themselves though. “Aerodynamic (Daft Punk Remix)” is a merger of “One More Time” and “Aerodynamic” which I actually prefer to both of those original songs. “Aerodynamite” is actually my favorite, it takes the craziness of the original track and makes it more hectic and fun. Honestly though, aside from a few cool beats, this isn’t a set I would recommend.

human-after-all-remixes-4ef0cb4b0cd41Next up would be “Human After All : The Remixes”, which is surprisingly very pleasing. I think I love it a lot more because the remixers actually were a lot more inventive with what they did to the tracks. The album also flows a lot better altogether, but I do have to admit that the use of the same songs over and over (“Technologic” for example, gets remixed 6 times on this one album). I especially love the Peaches No Logic Remix of “Technologic”, which is this weird nearly-acoustic-rock set where the girls actually SING everything Daft Punk’s electronic robot voices did in the original. Definitely a step in a good direction as far as remixes go, because they picked people that actually respect the original music and try to do something new with it.

71qqKi1aytL._SL1500_I blogged about “Tron: Legacy” a few years ago, the score was VERY underwhelming for me when I first heard it because I was expecting a little more energy. Once I saw the movie, I think the score does fit in well enough, and maybe I have to watch the movie a lot more to really appreciate Daft’s score. However, I was very surprised at how much I was digging the “Tron: Legacy Reconfigured” Remix album. Since the original material was instrumental, and also very short, the Remixers on this album were able to construct basically brand new songs so it’s a completely fresh listening experience. You aren’t really comparing the Remixes to the originals because of that. I’m obsessed with “Fall (Remixed by M83 VS Big Black Delta)” because it’s so Epic and it’s almost a completely different song. I also noted “The Son Of Flynn (Remixed by Ki:Theory)” and “End of Line (Remixed by Photek)” as album stand outs, but overall this outing is very good.

All that’s left is those two Live albums, “Alive 1997” and “Alive 2007”. “1997” is the one I just heard of a few weeks ago, and maybe I had heard of it but was turned off because it’s one of those ONE LONG TRACK deals. Anyway I listened to it, and yes… the set shows the guys have skills, and yes… it has a lot of the great tunes from “Homework”. But, it just felt a little Blah to be honest. Maybe that’s because I had already realized the pleasures of “Alive 2007” which is nothing short of AMAZING. I have talked about it before on #DAFTPUNKDAY but I’ll say it again, I wasn’t expecting an act like Daft Punk to be able to pull off a very creative and skilled Live show. But they do some amazing things, some crazy inventive mixes, and just the overall flow of the whole show can’t be beat.mhmh1_1576979559

(And 8 minutes to spare!) So there you have it. #DAFTPUNKDAY is DONE-ZO!! Thanks to Thomas and Guy for providing the amazing music and amazing memories. Until next time.