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It is SO weird. This week I was already knowing what my #2 and #3 would be, and I feel like I knew what my #1 was going to be. This morning though, when I logged into WordPress and started a draft for this post… I drew a total blank. I thought that maybe it would come to me if I waited a few hours to try to post it, but the time has come and I still don’t remember what that #1 was supposed to be. SO, I moved #2 and #3 up and here we go. Enjoy!

(The Grammy nominations haven’t been fully announced, but the majority have. And I just have to say BULLSHIT!!! I don’t understand the nominees. AT ALL!)


10. Michael Jackson “Smile”

So I was feeling very… UGH… earlier this week. Just kind of discouraged and doubtful and insecure about my classes and Photoshop and other things. I listened to this song, and I smiled! Great song (I just don’t really like the production, but his vocals are great!)


9. Coldplay “Sky Full of Stars”

I swear, every night I’m at my second job, this song comes on the satellite radio station they play at nearly the same time every night. So weird.


8. Sam Smith “Stay With Me”


7. Pink featuring Nate Ruess “Just Give Me a Reason”


6. Kanye West featuring Lil Wayne “See You in My Nightmare”


5. Gwen Stefani “Spark the Fire”


4. Panda Bear “Untying the Knot”


3. Kanye West “Black Skinhead”


2. Beyonce “***Flawless”


1. Beyonce “Blow”