As #KELISDAY comes to a close, I couldn’t forget about her entire career and musical output which includes some killer feature work that is just as diverse as her own recordings. Kelis started out as the female voice behind the Neptunes’ sound before they crossed over to the mainstream, so she can be heard on a lot of their early productions. As they grew in popularity, Kelis did as well and she was asked to guest on songs by many high profile acts from all different genres. So enjoy this countdown of my favorite songs featuring Kelis.

10. Nas “Not Going Back”

Yikes! The whirlwind marriage and messy divorce of Kelis and Nas at least provided us with this laid-back cut about a hustler determined never to return to his street life, with Kelis singing a beautiful melody in the back.


9. Foxy Brown “Candy”

This song is truly nothing more than a great Neptunes track and a super-cute hook from Kelis. Not much more can be said about it.


8. Timo Maas “Help Me”

This is a really haunting track from Electronic artist Timo Maas, and Kelis’ vocals are pure perfection as it matches the mood of the music so well.


7. Philly’s Most Wanted “Cross the Border”

Just like “Candy”, this song is simply cute. Kelis’ hook is the stand out thing about the track honestly because it’s so cute and catchy.


6. Busta Rhymes featuring Will.I.Am “I Love My Bitch”

This song is so WRONG, but so undeniably RIGHT at the same time. I often cringe about love songs dedicated to a rappers “BITCH”, but this is just too cute an too well put together to not like. Busta and Kelis have a great chemistry which sells the song and them trading off lines back and forth. Simply addictive.


5. Calvin Harris “Bounce”

Before Calvin Harris gave Rihanna her huge hit, Kelis was tearing up the clubs with the DJ on this killer dance track.


4. N.E.R.D. featuring Pusha-T “Truth or Dare”

“ORGY!” This early N.E.R.D. track is so sexy, with the appropriate balance of rock and R&B and Hip Hop that it almost becomes it’s own genre. It’s just an enjoyable piece of raunch from Team Star Trak!


3. Andre 3000 “Dracula’s Wedding”

This song is so weird, and that’s what makes it so great. Andre picked the perfect woman to compliment all the electronic goodness of this decidedly dark (and sometimes really silly) song.


2. Ol Dirty Bastard “Got Your Money”

This song is a CLASSIC!!! It’s so funky and funny and catchy, and Kelis had a big part in making it what it is.


1. Busta Rhymes “What it Is”

This track is funky as shit, a song that demands it’s listeners to get up a get into it. This makes #1 because I LOVE her bridge section which really takes the song and the track to a whole different level.