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So here we are, my Top 10 Favorite Kelis songs. It’s weird, because Kelis’ music is so wide-ranging that I can come up with a different Top 10 for all the specific genres and moods she has tackled in her career. Filing it down though, I have a great compilation of music in this Top 10 list that truly shows the talent and fearlessness of Miss Kelis.

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10. “Daddy” featuring Malice

Right around the time I was getting into my imported copy of “Wanderland”, I was writing a movie that was eerily similar to this and a few other songs on the album. This is such a cute song where Kelis sort of rap/talks about her teenage love – a bad boy drug dealer. The song has a really cool laid back flow, and a catchy hook, and ultimately it’s always one that makes me smile and giggle.


9. “Flashback

What more can you say but “yeah yeah!”. This song is so ridiculously catchy and fun and upbeat, you cannot deny it.


8. “Young, Fresh N’ New

“Runway from… HOME!” This was my ANTHEM for a while. I really love the grungey/rock/alternative feel of the track, those synths really get to me in an energetic “fuck yeah” kinda way. Too bad I wasn’t bold enough to heed the words earlier in life, but it’s always been a favorite of mine.


7. “Shooting Stars

This is one of Kelis and the Neptunes’ prettiest songs, the track just oozes romance and the lyrics are so well thought out and meaningful. Her delivery is also perfect as she doesn’t over power the song but doesn’t get drowned out either. Such a beauty, and the second part “rain rain, go away” is the cherry on top of a great ice cream sundae (err, Milkshake?)


6. “Milkshake

Speaking Of…   this is undoubtedly Kelis’ biggest hit, and hell… why not!? It’s such a fun, and FUNKY track with one of the best hooks of the past 15 years. Seriously.


5. “What’s That Right There

Honestly, Kelis’ label at the time was RETARDED for not releasing this gem of a song as a single. It’s got everything you want in a pop hit, the hook is crazy contagious, the track is retro and current at the same time, and overall it’s a fun call and response song that you can’t help but dance and sing a long to.


4. “Get Along with You

This ultra-laid back melancholy epicness displays so much about Kelis and the Neptunes. It displays a softer side to her voice, and displays her incredible songwriting ability. The ability to mix random lines with the emotional and personal concept. This also showed that the Neptunes were equally as skilled producing a wonderfully layered slow record as they were with uptempo funky stuff. This one has truly stood the test of time.


3. “Bossy” featuring Too $hort

Kelis, in so many ways, is a true innovator. She takes risks and sets trends that other artists tend to follow. Like this classic song produced by Bangladesh. Before this, the producer was more or less just an underground Hip Hop producer. Enter Kelis and this cocky attitude-inspired record, and the likes of Beyonce, Usher and Rihanna followed suit rushing to use Bangladesh for their hits. Ultimately though, this song is great because of the swag Kelis puts on the delivery, the great hook, and the overall vibe of the very popular record.


2. “Till the Wheels Fall Off

Will.I.Am may not be the most respected producer out there, but I have always loved his ability to be diverse. Many people probably wouldn’t believe this is one of his productions, it’s a nice balance of Pop and Rock and Soul, with a crazy contagious hook and just a nice mellow vibe that makes it one I always have to repeat several times before moving to the next track.


1. “Millionaire” featuring Andre 3000

Honestly, when I decided to make my Top 10 Favorite Kelis songs list I had no idea what could possibly top the list. There’s a feeling that I enjoy all of her songs equally, but this collaboration with Andre 3000 had to take the top spot for a bunch of different reasons. Firstly, the concept and the lyrics of this song are so heartfelt and meaningful. Both artists do a great job of laying down the idea that just because you have everything, doesn’t mean you can’t suffer loneliness and not feeling fulfilled. Andre 3000’s rap verse is GENIUS, one of my favorite of all times. And the sort of electro-dance-pop track is the perfect underlying tone for this song that has so many layers and is just so perfectly produced.