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Happy Tuesday! And as promised I am going to continue my “Artist Appreciation” going this month, you all enjoyed #DAFTPUNKDAY last week and this week I’m going to shine a light on another one of my all time favorite underrated artists. Her name is KELIS!

collage IINow, maybe I shouldn’t say “underrated”. I feel like over Kelis’ 15 plus year career she’s been able to establish herself as one of the most unique and eclectic artists of the past two decades. She definitely has a good following, and she’s had a good amount of hits to carry her name this far. So she may not be “underrated” per say, but I’ll admit that sometimes months go by and I don’t even think of Kelis, and one song can set me off and I’m listening to her entire discography and amazed at how amazing she is as an artist.

She’s just COOL in so many ways. She’s a style maven, her music is incredibly diverse, and like she says in interviews she is “consistently inconsistent”. She’s one of the only artists that actually surprise us, like going from an Urban-themed album to something completely Dance, to a funky Soul throwback album. She’s also surprising in the various features she has contributed her husky/sexy voice to.

So today we are going to get into her music. What I have planned are just three posts, a Discography Review, my Top 10 favorite songs by her and my Top 10 favorite featured performances from her.

I actually have a final due tonight, and I’m putting the finishing touches on it while I try to finish this Day up. It’s going to be a pressure cooker in my brain trying to get these posts out and my school work done. But we are going to NAIL IT! So sit back, Enjoy, and Stay Tuned.