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Here we go, Jamiroquai and there amazingly retro-funky and fun songs. The group became famous for their 70’s soul inspired tracks that just FEEL GOOD for lack of a better word. The songs covered in this Top 10 list range from very upbeat Disco sounds, almost instrumental electronic stuff, to the very laid back ballads. It’s a diverse listing, but trust that all of the songs will make you feel good.jksingles

10. “Stillness in Time

I have a feeling I’m going to say “Feel Good” an awful lot on this post, because there’s really no other way to describe this song. It’s so breezy and peaceful, it makes you smile from the first note. The backing harmonies and instrumentation just add to the lushness of this very beautifully relaxing track.

9. “You Give Me Something

This funk/disco cut has a great intricate track backing the flawless harmonies and lyrics Jay puts on top. It makes for a great mix because it’s something you can easily dance to, but there’s so much emotion and heart to the vocals that it makes for a great listening experience.

8. “Butterfly

Simply put… this is such a beauty of a song. Think Al Green meets Bee Gee’s as this is a clear homage to the soul crooner of the 70’s with incredibly lush backing music to make it a perfect ‘baby-maker’ type groove.

7. “Alright

A certified Disco banger, this song is catchy as hell and it has such a nice bass driven groove that it’s undeniably a fun funky song.

6. “Use the Force

The percussions are crazy on this upbeat inspirational groove. It’s a great message laid into the lyrics, but what is going to get you is that infectious beat that will get you dancing in no time.

5. “Didjital Vibrations

Jamiroquai is famous for pulling out the rare instrument Didgeridoo on random songs. The band uses the instrument to great effect on this instrumental laid back breezy track. And yeah, I’m going to say it again… this song just FEELS GOOD!! A very relaxing cut that can be enjoyed during more chill times of the day.

4. “Light Years

I love a good tempo change, and while this song starts out almost Rock-inspired with it’s socio-political message it drifts into a really cool funk groove with the call back “now I got that sunshine in my life”, which just takes the whole song to a new level and solidifies it as one of their best.

3. “Space Cowboy

This was the groups breakout hit back in 1993, and it’s no surprise why. The track is so breezy and chill, and you have Jay Kay singing his little heart out while the band does all kinds of crazy work to keep the song evolving and interesting. It’s an awesome collaboration between the group members and forever a classic.

2. “Supersonic

This is an amazing production from the guys! It has scant lyrics and ultimately it’s a great electronic track that throbs and pulsates with heavy bass and didgeridoo and computer sound effects. It’s a delicious mash-up of all different kinds of sounds, that ultimately make for an addicting listening experience.

1. “Half the Man

Above all else, Jamiroquai’s amazing production and instrumentation and the lyrics that span from club-worthy to socially conscious, one thing that’s true about the band is that it’s lead singer Jay Kay can sing his ass off. Not really sure if that’s been made clear with the previous 9 songs, but it’s definitely the key element of this #1 song, a beautiful love ballad that’s full of emotion and some expert vocal technique. I also love how simple the songs production is, with just small little elements in the background towards the end. It’s a perfect song, and I think it perfectly shows Jamiroquai’s strengths as a band.