jkdayAND, we’re back! #DAFTPUNKDAY was the jump off, #KELISDAY was the follow up, and today we have #JAMIROQUAIDAY which keeps this Artist Appreciation Month consistent. This blog exercise is meant to keep me busy, and to shine a light on artists that I LOVE but often go under-appreciated on my blog and on my iTunes. Artists that make great music, have healthy and diverse Discography’s, and Artists that are unique and creative and go underrated in the mainstream world.

Today, we’ll shine a light on British Funk-Soul stars Jamiroquai who have had a career that spans over 20 years. The group has had some incredible hit singles worldwide, and of course some songs and albums that were ignored state-side that need some attention.

I’m going to switch up the format a bit today, because we won’t have a Discography Review but instead a Top 5 Favorite Jamiroquai Albums (and I’ll explain why in that post). We’ll continue one traiditon of posting my Top 10 Favorite songs by the group, but I’m also going to share with you one of my favorite Playlists I’ve ever made and what makes it great.

So sit back and stay tuned! #JAMIROQUAIDAY is HERE!!