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NOTE: I TOTALLY thought I already posted this, but oh well. Here goes. 

It’s 3:45pm and I have a feeling #ROBYNDAY is gonna suck!! But let’s not dwell in self-doubt again, and let’s just get’err’done! Since this Artist Appreciation is so last minute, I want to give Robyn a little more than what I gave the other Artists I profiled and that’s why I’m doing Top 15. Because Robyn deserves it!

robyn_Body_talk_p2_promo_nologoSo Here We Go!


15. “Do You Know (What It Takes)

This was her breakthrough song in the US, which became a Top 10 single and a TRL favorite. It’s definitely dripping with Pop sappiness, but it’s still fun and fun to listen to.


14. “Stars 4-Ever

Crazy addictive and just a feel-good type dance track


13. “Fembot

Another really fun one, I’ve become such a fan of this song because it’s so incredibly awesome to sing along with.


12. “Dancehall Queen

Laid back Reggae vibe that always puts the listener in a relaxed and chill mood.


11. “Hang With Me

It’s that kind of casual love (more like LIKE) song that is so rare. People always gotta be so deeply in love or so OUT of love, there’s hardly any in between… until Robyn!


10. “Show Me Love

Another early Max Martin POP track, but it’s a lot more emotional and layered than most Pop crap that was released around the same time. This definitely made her stand above the pack.


9. “Indestructible

The hook on this thing is crazy good! The rest of the song is great as well, an example of how her new stuff is Dance music but takes the extra steps in songwriting and production to avoid coming off as one-note and shallow.


8. “We Dance to the Beat

Simply a SICK ASS Dance Track!


7. “Dream On” (Christian Falk featuring Robyn and Ola Salo)

It’s crazy because this song has beat and a really nice sort of retro-Dance track behind it, but overall the song has so much depth and levels to it. On the one hand it comes off as depressing, but on the flip side when we get to the hook it’s actually triumphant and inspirational.


6. “Monument” (Royksopp & Robyn)

THIS. SONG. IS. AMAZING. (It may be about 2 minutes too long though, but still!)


5. “Bum Like You

You gotta love a song where the lead singer is pining for a dude with no car, no job and he “don’t even look good”.


4. “Anytime You Like



3. “Call Your Girlfriend

I think, (as I look at this list) what I like most about Robyn is that her lyrics paint a different perspective than what you’d get in most Pop songs. She’s so BOLD on this song, telling her new guy to break it off with his actual girlfriend… but it’s not a cocky song, she just knows she’s the new one and he wants her to break it to the girl gently. On top of the lyrics, I LOVE this track.


2. “Dancing on My Own

I am TOTALLY running out of things to say here. This song is like “Dream On”, it’s really so so sad, but there’s something uplifting about it. Maybe it’s the track, which is insanely contagious. Maybe it’s the fact that a lot of us can relate to feeling alone. Whatever it is, I cannot get enough of this song.


1. “With Every Heartbeat

The song just pulsates, it’s a true Dance music lovers dream but it’s also so incredibly emotional. Which is a challenge because there’s not many lyrics, but the feeling definitely shines through.