When I first started this whole #ArtistAppreciation Day idea, I had three artists/groups in mind. Daft Punk, Kelis and Jamiroquai. The choice for the 4th slot was actually difficult even though I knew it was going to be between Devo, The Killers and Robyn.

The Killers were always the losers because they are winners (LOL!), meaning that I feel like they are too mainstream and popular to fit into this whole idea which is meant to shine a light on somewhat underrated artists. Brandon Flowers and company ARE underrated, but they are also pretty popular and pretty known so I decided to not do them.

Devo is one of my favorite groups, BUT, I don’t own much of their material. Almost everything after the very early 80’s I didn’t even bother listening to. With my lack of knowledge about their entire discography, I decided they were out of the running. Although there were several Facebook posts about the band that I took as a sign that maybe THEY should get the prize this week. IMG_9924

So that leaves Robyn, who I’ve decided will get the shining light today. And I decided this when I was driving around this morning and had the urge to hear her Alt. Version of “Bum Like You”, which lead into a whole hour or so of getting my life with Robyn.

I feel like Robyn is really unique in that she’s this underrated, underground innovator who really paved the way for a lot of the Pop girls still standing. With all Robyn’s innovation and acclaim and great music, she is unique because she seems like she doesn’t want the fame at all. Something I TOTALLY respect about her.

Anyway, this won’t be as detailed and elaborate as the previous posts. It’s already past 2pm, I have a new project for work and for my Video Editing that I’m working on simultaneously. So I think there will be just two more posts, My Top 10 Favorites and a Discography Review. So welcome to #ROBYNDAY and ENJOY!!!