So let’s talk about #ROBYNDAY and why it didn’t quite work out. Now in my previous post, I told you guys I was working on two things simultaneously. I want to be a great Video Editor, and while I have no school waiting for the Winter semester in the next few weeks I wanted to try my hand at some personal projects… just to keep my skills UP and learn some new things. So for the past couple of days I’ve been putting together a re-edit of Beyonce’s “Blow”. I finished it up today and have been working on rendering and uploading it to YouTube (should be up by the time this post is done).Robyn-PR-2010I also had some work stuff I had to do, but more importantly… when it comes to Robyn, I’m really only qualified to make that one post of my favorite singles. When it comes to a Discography Review, well I WIKI’d her and come to find out she had two albums in between her debut and her self titled 2008 release. I had NO IDEA, and obviously there wasn’t enough time to download those albums and listen to them to give them a fair grade.

Outside of that, I bought Robyn’s debut back in the late-90’s and I enjoyed it… but I don’t remember any of it, and I only synced the singles to my iTunes (have no idea where the actual CD is). I couldn’t really talk about that debut, and that only leaves her last two full length albums, which wouldn’t make for a really good Discography Review. And with only two albums, I couldn’t even rank a Top 5 Favorite Albums by Robyn.

Basically, I was at a complete loss as to what more I could say about Robyn. Even though I love her and her music, and think she’s amazing, it just didn’t work out today.

I hope you Robyn fans aren’t upset about this. There is still one more Tuesday in December – I wasn’t planning on doing an Artist Appreciation Day but I might come on back since todays was such a dud. No Promises though.

Anyway just wanted to sign off officially, and wish everybody a Merry Christmas. I doubt I’ll have any new blog posts before Friday, so enjoy the Holidays!