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Hello People. HAPPY 2015! The new year is here, and for ME it’s a critical one. There are so many dreams and goals I want to accomplish before the end of the year, so it begins … YESTERDAY!

I bought the Adobe Creative Cloud a few months ago, and this past semester I was working mostly with Photoshop and After Effects. After Effects, which is motion graphics application, is very complicated but it’s somewhat easy to follow as far as using the tools and things like that. Photoshop is a totally different story though, I went through most of the semester with a “huuuh?” look on my face. There are just so many things you can do with the program, yet it’s all so overwhelming that it’s easy to just give up.

So, the next few weeks before the Spring semester begins I’m planning on doing different random projects on all of these programs (including Adobe Premiere Pro, the video editing program for which I’ve done a few things that I’ve posted to this blog). Right now, I want to share my Photoshop goods.

What you are about to see is a few of my class projects and a few of my personal projects I’ve worked on since the semester ended. I am going to post another “Photoshoppin'” post another day, basically I save most of my stuff to different zip drives and I don’t have both today.

So here we go!


This was my second Photoshop project in the class. I had an idea to use different pics of NYC, but I waited until the last minute to try to execute and this was the best I could come up with. Of course there were guidelines given by our instructor, and I managed to follow those guidelines and did this. Which isn’t really good, but it’s not terribly bad!


aliciagh (final) coldplayprojectThese are two personal projects, and two that I’ve been thinking about putting together ever since that “Greatest Hits” blog post I made MONTHS ago. The question? Am I happy with these mock-up album covers for Alicia Keys and Coldplay Greatest Hits? Well… mostly. As far as Alicia is concerned, I scrolled through loads of Alicia pics and I saw this one and loved it and knew it was what I would use for the album cover. Yet, when I finally decided to actually DO something I was disappointed to find that Alicia is STANDING and not sitting at the piano. So I had to figure out what to do.

Without getting into too many details, because I could be here for days, I basically played around with the images and different tools and blending options and came up with what I came up with. I’m about 80% happy with this, I don’t really like the background Alicia… I didn’t transform the size well enough so it looks weird to me. Overall though, I like it. I like the Coldplay one as well.

This actually started as a Glitche project and I LOVED what I came up with using that app, and I was hoping to try to recreate it on Photoshop. Obviously I’m not that advanced yet so I wasn’t able to do an exact replica, so I just played with the imagining and came up with this cool, sort of animated, look. The ONLY problem I have with this is the font. And I must say, finding the perfect font for the image in Photoshop is very annoying!

serge collage # 2 alt.

I LIKE BOYS! Now that we got that out the way, I have a Pinterest board titled as such. And between Pinterest and Tumblr, I’ve seen this model all over the place and it was through Pinterest that I found out his name (Serge Henir). So one day, I decided to collect as many pics of him as I could find and do a collage. This is actually only one part of about 4 parts, but I just loved these pics together so I decided to save just this layer. He’s HOT! And honestly this was an easy project. I love my Quick Selection Tool, and that’s basically how I put this together. I also put the pictures through Camera Raw Filters and voila!


diana donna

I LOVE My Divas, and ultimately I hope to make a little money off my Divas this summer. In the mean time, I decided to pull some pics of Legendary Divas Diana Ross and Donna Summer and just play with them in Photoshop. I’m not extremely happy with either of these on the whole. I like Donna (below), but I need to figure out a good way to make her face more clear. I like Diana (above, obvi), but in all fairness I just started this last night and don’t think it’s TOTALLY finished (but I wanted to show you all).

So yeah. That’s it! I’m in the playing around stage at this point and I’m learning more and more but I’m still very amateur.

What do you all think??