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Hello All.

So let’s continue this exploration of Photoshop, a program I’m definitely warming up to the more I play around with it. In the last “Photoshoppin‘” post, I talked about doing a part 2 because I had another zip drive with some Photoshop projects on there. I got the drive, and I was surprised to find only one project on there. That project was my Final project in my Photoshop class (which I got an A in by the way).

The project was to use photos, photos we’ve taken ourselves, and try to work with a theme. We were required to post 3 related pictures, and that’s where the requirements ended. So I chose 3 pictures I took at MoMA in New York City and just see what I could come up with. And, here they are…






So the original photo/paintings were part of a 15 part series by Gerhard Richter, and that series is titled “October 18, 1977”. The photo/paintings are dark and dreary and they captivated me while I was at the museum. The shadowy paintings’ focus was the imprisonment of a West German terrorist group the Baader-Meinhof gang. It’s very intense source material, and the originals are so exciting because of it.

Anyway, I decided to use these for my project. So I imported them, worked with some Camera Raw Filters and was ready to go. It started out with me duplicating the photo/paintings and trying to make them POP somehow. I added the gradient, the black stripes, and while I enjoyed it somewhat… I felt that the stripes gave the project a corny/cheesy sort of vibe, so I had to think of something to retain the dreary jarring effect of the originals. That’s when I thought of hand writing the title and sprawling it across the image.

In the end, I actually think these came out really cool. I was basically DONE with them about a week before the project was due, and I kept going back and looking at them. I would adjust things just so, like the positioning of the paintings or the angle of the  gradient layer. And ultimately I was happy with the 3 I have presented to you.

I guess my only issue looking at them now is that I probably should have cropped out the floor of the museum in 2 of the 3. We discussed this in my class when I presented the work, but I really loved having the museum floor in the picture because it just gives you a different perspective. It makes the painting sort of jump out at you because, I don’t know, it gives dimension to the image. However, the last of the 3 pictures didn’t have the floor in the original picture and I felt it threw off the consistency of the 3 part set. I don’t know, I must have just forgotten about it, but if I were going to go back and change them (I’m Not) I would definitely crop out the floor on the other two, just to make all 3 pics more uniform.

My teacher seemed to like them too. She said they reminded her of Pop Art, which in general I love, but with a different artistic layer on top of them. I was happy with that feedback because it made me feel like I did something unique that she doesn’t see often.

So what’s YOUR feedback going to be? LOL!!