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Season 4 of “Girls” started off on a really nice note last night, as the premiere was a casual way of catching us up with Hannah (Lena Dunham) and the gang. And no surprise, in the months that have passed not MUCH has changed.

girls-season-4Hannah and Adam are back together, and Adam (Adam Driver) has officially become a working actor taking whatever gig pays the bills, yet he’s still this tortured artist who can’t take a compliment and thinks everything he does stinks. Hannah is supportive but mostly she’s worried that he doesn’t care about her leaving for Iowa in days. She wants to make a plan and him being Adam he’d prefer to go with the flow.

Though it was incredibly understated, the Hannah and Adam story of last night was really sad because I think both of them knew it was the beginning of the end. Where at first Adam says they’ll talk 10 times a day, later on he says he’s “shit” on the phone. And the morning when Hannah’s parents come to pick her up, and Marnie (Allison Williams) pops up to help move, Adam fakes sleep and watches her leave from his window.

It felt like Adam was relieved and almost happy that Hannah was leaving, because the fact that he didn’t run out there and give her a big goodbye hug and kiss is really telling.

girls1Let’s back track though, because the majority of the season opener was spent at a Jazz Brunch where Marnie and her musical partner Desi (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) are performing more corny/acoustic/folk songs. Marnie is still carrying on a musical and sexual relationship with the guy, who we first see with his face up Marnie’s ass before a passionate screw over the kitchen sink. At the actual gig we find out that he’s still with his girlfriend Clementine (Natalie Morales), but Marnie still carries on a phony conversation with her where she apologizes for even giving the impression that she’d screw her boyfriend. Ending with a “ok GIRL”, in the fakest tone ever.

And even though Marnie has apparently been doing the music thing for months now (I wasn’t really clear on how many months had passed since the finale), she still hasn’t developed a tough skin. Little kids whining and people laughing during her performance sent her in breakdown mode where she ran out and cried until Elijah (Andrew Rannells) whipped her into shape. (By the way… MORE ELIJAH PLEASE!) So it looks like Marnie is still her insecure self, and it’s highly likely that she’ll give up music and try to find yet ANOTHER thing to be passionate about. Sigh!

downloadJessa (Jemima Kirke) is still assisting photographer Beadie, the woman she nearly killed last season. She’s in for a rude awakening when she find Beadie’s daughter there, she goes off on Jessa and her irresponsible and toxic ways. I loved that moment because while the daughter (played excellently by Natasha Lyonne) was telling Jessa things she needs to hear, it was also a pretty funny moment because of her delivery. Anyway, Jessa is now out of a job and she takes out all of her frustrations on Hannah, who she is a complete bitch to at the Brunch. However, I could care less about Jessa and her feeling that Hannah is being a hypocrite. I was hoping that by this premiere Jessa would have found some sort of responsibility or maturity, but apparently not.

Which leaves Shosh (Zosia Mamet), Shoshana who finally graduated but seems completely un-emotional about it. It was GREAT to see Ana Gasteyer play one half of Shoshanna’s dysfunctional parents, but other than that there’s not much to report about Shosh other than she cut her hair and that her and Ray (Alex Karpovsky) MIGHT be on the path to mending their relationship. There was a strange conversation when she was leaving the brunch where Ray was very smiley yet silent as Shosh apologized for trying to “force” him to get back with her at the end of last season. For the simple fact that Shosh’s story was so scant this week, I think this season will be a great one for her character.

Last nights episode was really good, because it reminded us why we love (or hate) the show. It’s a fun, funny, light slice of life series that’s never too serious but never really predictable. And the premiere has definitely set us up for an interesting turn of events for possibly all of our GIRLS.