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Often times, artists that are known for their visual output (either great music videos, or great live performances, or both) they are a bit underrated. Artists like Janet Jackson aren’t always taken seriously as musical artists because critics write them off as being more about Look than Quality. In Janet’s case though, that’s not all true. Sure she has her fair share of “Fluff” songs, but she also has an immense discography that has a great array of quality songs.

This listing of my 25 favorite Janet songs shows her diversity and range in genre, tone and vocals. Proving she does have some substance when it comes to creating new music.

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(Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with WordPress today. I have tried FOUR TIMES to write descriptions for each song and why it made the list, but WordPress won’t SAVE any of it. So after the 4th time of getting through over half of the songs, I give up! And maybe… just maybe, I’ll come and re-edit it later but I’m over it today! sorry!)

25. “With U”

24.“Tonight’s the Night”

23. “When I Think of You”

22. “China Love”

21. “Feels So Right”

20. “What Have You Done for Me Lately”

19. “When We Ooo”

18. “I Want You”

17. “Control”

16. “Someone to Call My Lover”

15. “Slolove”

14. “Let’s Wait Awhile”

13. “And on and On”

12. “Anytime Anyplace”

11. “Rock With U”

10. “Because of Love”

9. “Love Will Never Do (Without You)”

8. “LUV”

7. “Nasty”

6. “Miss You Much”

5. “Got Til It’s Gone”

4. “Alright”

3. “Empty”

2. “Feedback”

1. “Throb”