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So this is a no-brainer. Since my Top 10 Janet Jackson Videos post was such a success, I’m going to open up #JanetDay with an extended version of that same post. Instead of just 10, you get 25 of Miss Jackson’s best videos.

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25. “Twenty Foreplay”

Madonna had “Take a Bow”, and that is rumored to be the reason she landed the “Evita” role. In this Video, Janet channels Dorothy Dandridge and it may or may not have been an attempt to get cast in a Dorothy biopic. We know that didn’t happen, but regardless this is still a sexy video with Janet looking so classically beautiful.


24. “When I Think of You”

This video is a fun fun time, one of those one-shot type videos that works so well.  There’s so much going on as Janet walks through a “Sesame Street”-at night type town while dancing and smiling and looking adorable as ever. A visual treat.

23. “Together Again”

This right here has some beautiful choreography and some beautiful settings, It’s supposed to be a representation of heaven (I’m guessing) where she can dance and frolick with her friends who have passed on. I think the video definitely fits the song, and it’s nice enough to look at.

22. “All Nite (Don’t Stop)”

So the electricity in New York City goes out, and Janet and her crew can only think of one thing… DANCING!! Eh, I don’t think we needed the storyline we just needed to see Janet dancing to this infectious track. So, mission accomplished.

??? Can’t find the video ANYWHERE!!!!

21. “Escapade”

This is basically a washed-out adaptation of “When I Think of You”, yet nobody was mad at all.  It’s become one of her classic videos with familiar dance steps and really great (but again, washed out) styling for Miss Jackson.

20. “All for You”

This monster single and video was the first time we had seen Miss Janet in a long while, so it was nice to see her looking great and dancing like we were used to. I think the selling point of the video is the cute mixture of vibrant 2D backgrounds, oh and that breakdown is pretty much everything.

19. “Control”

A cute little mini-movie, that provides a fictional backstory on the album “Control” and how Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis gave her the confidence to attack the new style that album provided. Or maybe I’m putting too much on it. Either way it’s a cute vintage moment from Janet and we love it.

18. “Son of a Gun (I Betcha Think this Song is About You)”

This video took Janet out of her element a little bit. It’s really dark, but with a nice humor to it as Janet chases down her cheating lover and puts the voodoo on him,, but not in a good way. One of my favorite things about it, Janet is SERVING with that walk and we get A LOT of it!! But overall it’s a great video that was slightly underrated.

17. “Runaway”

Cute video, nice dance moves, perfect compliment to the song.

16. “Nasty”

I am at a loss for words here. I just will say this video is a classic, classic Janet moves and just a fun video to watch overall. CLASSIC!

15. “So Excited”

This came out, and it was really sexy and gritty and all. But mostly we love it because the song is pretty kick ass and Janet’s dance moves are so on point. I could care less about the topless effects, I’m here for that dancing!

14. “Doesn’t Really Matter”

So So cute! This clip from her musical contribution to “The Nutty Professor 2” is both so adorable and so innovative.  I remember watching the “Making the Video” for this video and was loving the unique idea of having Janet and crew dance on a stage that shifted and slanted. It’s different and it’s challenging, but even with the hurdles Janet and her dancers still KILL the intricate yet fun choreography.

13. “Feedback”

The lack of dancing is the only downside to this video, but I can get over it because the visuals are so striking. The overall tone is really slow moving and ambient, which is odd given the fact that this track is so danceable. It was a really great move on the Directors part to do something so unpredictable with the video. And Janet LOOKS great and is serving some fierce ass poses throughout!

12. “Scream”

I almost didn’t include this because it’s not really a Janet Jackson video but (and maybe it’s because I am such a big fan of hers) her parts are the best in the video. It was great to see Janet a little more grungey, but even with her being not as polished she serves some of her most beautiful and striking images ever here.

11. “Miss You Much”

The DANCING!!! OMG That choreography is literally some of her best. I remember spending a weekend with this video trying to learn all the moves, and I SUCCEEDED!!! (I actually still remember all of them too)

10. “Rock With U”

A very sexy, very dark, very underrated video. However like most Janet videos it’s all about the choreography which is just as sleek, smooth and sexy as the track.

9. “Anytime Anyplace”

During the “janet.” era, Miss Jackson was getting really nasty. This ode to public sex was matched with a really pretty and vivrant video of the affair between her and her next door neighbor. Beautifully shot and very sensual the video matched the song perfectly.

8. “Go Deep”

One of her most underrated videos. This idea was perfect, a huge pop star like Janet randomly visiting a mega-fan and the outrageous-ness that ensues when everybody else in the neighborhood finds out. A Fun video that didn’t have the huge budgets of her previous work, but was much more effective because of it.

7. “If”

So Janet and crew perform at some Asian brothel type place, where cameras are set up to… oh blah, let’s not get into the story, this video is a classic because of the choreography. Janet goes full steam ahead with some very intricate choreography that’s both fierce and fiercely sexy at the same time.

6. “Love Will Never Do (Without You)”

This is always going to be an Iconic Janet moment because for the first time in her career, she showed some skin. This fun little frolic in the dessert, directed by IT-Director of the time Herb Ritts, showed everyone a new side of Janet and thus will always be one of the favorites.

5. “I Get Lonely”

Proving that Janet doesn’t always have to serve up-beat hyper-fast choreography to be sickening, this had to be very sensual and Tina Landon’s choreography was quite possibly some of the best Janet’s ever had. The video itself and the visuals are great, but it’s the choreography that takes it to another level. Oh… and let’s say HELLO to Janet’s cleavage which had a starring role in this clip.

4. “Got Til It’s Gone”

I really don’t know what to say about this, except that it’s BEAUTIFUL! One of the more “art-house” Janet videos, coming at a time that was supposedly really dark for her. I think this has such beauty and positivity and fun, but underscored with real sadness and melancholy. Mark Romanek is just the man anyway, but this is one of his and Janet’s finest moments.

3. “Rhythm Nation”

Doesn’t get more Iconic than this. People still associate the look, the moves and this entire movement as Janet’s shining moment. A true statement of the time, and a message that will last for decades.

2. “Pleasure Principle”

Often imitated, never duplicated. A video with JUST the star, doing what they do best was very unique at the time and it’s still a major classic for artists, dancers and video directors.

1. “Alright”

Not only is this an incredibly fun and alive video, with Amazing choreography from start to finish. It was also a very nostalgic video, that paid homage to all the Movie Musicals that really inspired the 80’s Music Videos without ever getting it’s fair dues. Some of the stars of those groundbreaking musicals The Nicolas Brothers, Cab Calloway, Cyd Cherise make cameos dancing along with the new school of talent they inspired. A truly fun and classic video that has always been my favorite.

So there you have it!! A comprehensive list of the BEST from Janet!