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After such a fun time last week, this weeks episode of “GIRLS” was a bitter darker… and I lived for it. It was that episode where these characters are finally facing their immaturity and realize they need to grow up and move on.

Our lead Hannah is still in Iowa, but not having a good time. She rejoices in having lots of down time because she only has one class a week, but she is also second guessing her writing talent as she consistently gets bad feedback from her study group, and she isn’t using her free time to write. She’s also frustrated by the limited communication between her and Adam.

leadHannah is upset, and seemingly scared that this decision isn’t for her. In one great scene (funny because it was so harsh) at a Poetry party Hannah goes off on each member of her writing group and tells them why they suck. Dunham really did a good job of letting the viewers feel her frustration in this scene which showed more of her insecurities than anything else.

And it seems like Elijah IS there to stay, as he has made loads of friends in Iowa and is now flirting with photography (“I just realized that I got so good at taking selfies that I wasn’t feeling challenged anymore. Then I thought what would happen if I turned the camera around.” “). I don’t know that him being there makes all that much sense, but I’m just happy to have him. He’s such a great energy to the show.

Back in NYC, Shoshanna hits the interview trails and begins her life as an adult. Her one interview was funny, she and the person had a great rapport but Shosh turned the job down because she was using it as a “test-interview”. It’s just another example of Shosh’s lovable naivety and how it will ultimately lead her to disappointment. I think her character is going to have a very interesting season.

75Next up is Marnie, who is finally allowing herself to see her relationship with Desi for what it is. She doesn’t want to admit she’s a mistress, so she goes to the realist Ray for advice and he tells her she needs to forget about him (and they end up having sex! okay!?). Later it seems like a record label wants to sign Marnie and Desi, thinking they are a real life couple. When they have to admit they aren’t together, Marnie finally has the realization that she doesn’t really want to make music with him if he isn’t going to be her boyfriend. She light-weight sabotages the meeting, and we are left with Marnie second guessing her path again. But mostly I think we were left with Marnie finally letting go of Desi and their unhealthy situation.

76Adam and Jessa are getting chummy as they both participate in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. They seem to get along fine, as he can relay his frustrations with Hannah to her and she can get some positive influence from him. He admits to her that he doesn’t enjoy talking to Hannah because she only talks about superficial bull, which is the reason they’ve restricted their calls to once a week. And apparently he admitted to Jessa that there may or may not be another girl in the picture (I was unclear on this actually).

Ultimately, because Jessa is such a little kid, she ends up getting thrown in jail and so does Adam for trying to help her out. Once they get out and Jessa shows absolutely no remorse, Adam gets her ALL THE WAY TOGETHER by telling her she needs to grow up.

Jessa, in a really uncharacteristic turn, cries out that she “needs a friend”. It was a small line, but it does signal the fact that maybe Jessa FINALLY wants to change. Adam didn’t walk back to her (I don’t remember), but it felt like her crying out to him was genuine, so we’ll see what comes from it.

This recap is breif, but that’s because Girls has set us up for an interesting turn when it returns in two weeks.