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Yay Patriots!!!
Okay I actually didn’t watch the Superbowl, or Katy Perry’s Halftime Performance… but it’s kind of PERFECT that Missy Elliott was Katy’s “Surprise” guest last night, and it’s also perfect that Missy stole the show and has since had a huge spike in single and album sales on iTunes.
Perfect because I had planned on doing a Missy #WCW Day this week. But I’m going to post a MINI-Missy Day today with just three posts. I decided to do it today because I’d be a fool not to, I mean I can only imagine lots of people are Google Searching her today – and I’d love to get some of those hits!

So let’s start out with my 25 Favorite Missy songs! And Yes, I’m qualified to post and rank this because I am a HUGE Missy fan, and have been from the very beginning. Anyway, here goes the first post of a potentially fun Missy Monday!!

25. Beep Me 911

24.  HOT

“Don’t carry guns, Kick Ass with a chain… you know what I’m sayin’… Don’t carry guns, Kick ass with a chain (WAAT-AA!!!)”

23. Whatcha Gonna Do

22. Sock It 2 Me

21. 4 My People

20. Beat Biters

19. X-Tasy

18. Mr. DJ

17. The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)

16. Crazy Feelings

15. Smooth Chick

14. One Minute Man

13. Can’t Stop

12. Friendly Skies

11. Wake Up

10. You Don’t Know

9. Can’t Resist

8. Old School Joint

7. Go To The Floor

6. Lose Control

5. Get Ur Freak On

4. Gossip Folks

3. Work It

2. Pass That Dutch

1. She’s a Bitch