Hey Readers!!!

So now that I’m done with #MISSYMonday, I want to give you guys a heads up on what I plan on posting this week since things got a little off schedule this past Friday.

_15-04-3724_r2YES! I watched, and enjoyed the crap out of “How To Get Away With Murder” this past Thursday. I was actually surprised at how intrigued I was by it because I thought the two-three month break had killed my excitement for the show, but Viola Davis is SUCH a great actress she pulled me right back in. I do plan on doing weekly recaps of the show, but I think I’ll start by posting a semi Recap/Review Thursday evening. Followed by weekly recaps every Friday (although, there are only 3 more episodes this season which totally sucks!)

Another thing I want to do regularly is my Top 10 MUSIC of the Month. It’s February 2nd right now, so I’m late (I don’t have internet at home, and I’m not always super eager to go to a coffee shop to get on the internet. So instead of post this yesterday, I was lazy). But on Wednesday I plan on posting my Top faves of January, following that I hope to have the Top 10 Music of the month posts on the 1st of every month.

And even though I had a slight break on the Recaps this week (“Girls” nor “Looking” was on this Sunday because of the Superbowl), I will return to schedule with “Empire” on Thursday.

I doubt I’ll get any additional posts done this week, but who knows.

So stay tuned!!