I don’t know if it’s because I was slightly #2On, but I actually enjoyed the Grammys last night. Overall I enjoyed the diverse group of performers and the pacing of it all, though I have to admit that certain acts bored me to tears (and acts that I really like, including that Gwen Stefani/Adam Levine duet and that ill-informed gospel performance from Beyonce). I don’t want to talk about each performance and each award given out, but I do have a few quick thoughts.

Yay Sam Smith!? : Yeah I didn’t mind Boy George, err, Sam Smith winning all of those big awards for the monster hit “Stay With Me”. That song IS good, so no hate here! And I really enjoyed his performance of the song with Mary J. Blige. I mean it’s the 5 millionth time I’ve heard the song, but those two had such a sweet chemistry I was just smiling from ear to ear once it was done. screen-shot-2015-02-08-at-11-43-55-pm

The Sia Snub : “Chandelier” is an amazing song, “1000 Forms of Fear” is an amazing album. That’s all. On the bright side, her performance of the aforementioned song was trippy and funny thanks to my girl Kristen Wiig! kristen_wiig_chandelier.png.CROP.promo-mediumlarge

That “BEYONCE” Snub : Look! I’m not as upset about Beyonce’s album NOT winning Album of the Year as I might have been a couple of years ago, but the snub does sting. Content aside, the release of that album took BALLS. Balls that no one in that arena had other than Beyonce… not Madonna, not Paul McCartney, not Kanye. And the whole purpose of the surprise release was artistic. I think she should have taken something home for the sheer fact that she was able to make a success out of something so risky. But hey, Beyonce now has 19 Grammys total, she’s the most awarded Female of all time. So I can live with the fact that she lost, but she DEFINITELY should have won something for the album! She lost Urban Contemporary to Pharrell’s “GIRL”, and I love that guy… but, let’s be real here!

Madonna is officially an Old Desperate Lady : I tried to enjoy it, I did! But that performance of “Living for Love” was dripping with desperation, and Madonna is getting to a point where she really just looks like an old lady trying to stay hip. I think that whole performance could have been staged in a more original way… instead we get predictable Yoga poses and pelvic thrusts and posing. We also got Madonna and some new big fake boobs, and we also get the diva lacking any real grace or smoothness. It just didn’t look good. madonna-grammys-2015-gi

Rihanna sounded good though : I actually thought Rihanna sounded great during her performance of “FourFiveSeconds” with Paul McCartney and Kanye West. Her voice has definitely gotten much stronger over the years. And can we talk about her red carpet look. GOD I just love her, no one out these days has as much Fashion Courage as Rihanna, and she proved it again last night with a look that was so ODD that nobody could have pulled it off but her! 150208203634-46-grammys-red-carpet-2015-super-169

Katy Perry actually impressed me : That song is BORING no doubt, but Katy’s singing of “By the Grace of God” was actually impressive, not mindblowingly good or anything, but definitely showing a new side of her talent. I loved the simplistic stage set up as well, and I think it was all super effective thanks to the speech about domestic violence that preceded the performance.

– ANNIE LENNOX!!! : Annie Lennox killed that shit! Annie Lennox was definitely FEELING IT when she joined Hozier on stage and stole the entire show.

How cute was Lady GaGa!? : I have to say, I felt really happy for GaGa last night. After “ARTPOP” flopped the whole “Cheek to Cheek” era with Tony Bennett seemed like a career suicide, but she WON yet another Grammy and was such a shining star last night. And the performance of the title track was just adorable. lady-gaga

Kanye’s Spotlight : I remember when I first heard that “Only One” song, I wasn’t feeling it. There was something about his performance last night that made me appreciate it more. His PERFORMANCE though, I really enjoyed how simple it was, how he was basically just using one shining light as his “performance effects”. It made it more intimate, like he wasn’t singing to an audience, like he was just singing it to himself by himself. I really enjoyed that. kanyegrammys

WINNERS that made me SMILE : Jack White’s “Lazaretto” for Best Rock Performance, St. Vincent’s self titled album for Best Alternative Music Album, Toni Braxton and Babyface “Love, Marriage and Divorce” for Best R&B Album, A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera’s “Say Something” for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance