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I just saw this pic today and laughed my ass off!

I just saw this pic today and laughed my ass off!

It’s Wednesday, a full 3 days after the Grammy’s aired this past Sunday. And what are ALL the blogs and “reputable news sites” talking about? Kanye West! What Kanye West did on Sunday. The reaction to what Kanye did on Sunday. What some completely irrelevant artists are saying about Kanye. What Kanye is saying now about what he said on Sunday. It’s just RIDICULOUS! Is there NO OTHER news stories to talk about?

Hence my issue with the media. First off, this need for “instant news” is making for really shitty and superficial headlines. Journalism is completely dead because these days the people behind those online publications are so lazy. One of the reasons I keep seeing these stories about Kanye and reactions from Beck and Beyonce and Shirley Manson and John Legend is because ONE place posts the story and ALL the other blog sites basically re-blog the story.

Secondly. I should say I’m a Kanye fan and it’s quite possible that I have a biased opinion. But just because I’m a fan doesn’t mean I agree with everything he says, but we as a society don’t HAVE to agree with everything ANYBODY says, but we should maybe respect peoples’ right to have an opinion. So, NO, you don’t have to agree that Beyonce deserved Album of the Year, but what’s wrong with having an opinion about the winner? Didn’t we ALL figure out in our mind who WE think should have won? So are we assholes for thinking that?

What’s really QUITE contradictory is how some media outlets completely slam everything Kanye says and chalk it up to him being a brat, whiny, and an egocentric sociopath. However, when other artists have an opinion about HIS opinion… we are supposed to suddenly respect THAT persons opinion (in this case Shirley Manson and her “open letter” to him. And funny enough I JUST saw a new “story” where 80’s singer Michael McDonald “criticized” Kanye). With the two artists that I just mentioned, this is probably the only way they can get in the news, yet people are so hungry for this type of negative drama that they will ignore the fact that they are desperately looking for publicity and go ahead and print what their opinions are. I mean, who is worst? The person that HONESTLY answers a reporters question (Kanye) or the people who try to capitlize off of a hot issue (Shirley and Michael)?

Lastly, I just think the Grammy incident on Sunday and ALL the “reports” that followed prove something… people just love to Hate Kanye. The reason I say this is because there have been PLENTY of people on Facebook who have posted stuff about him, about how they hate him and can’t stand him and wish he would die (I have literally seen people wish death upon him), but it seems like if they HATED him they wouldn’t make the effort to post anything about him. I don’t know any artist well enough to HATE them but, as an example, I’m not too keen on Taylor Swift but you don’t see me writing blog post after blog post about WHY I hate her. Because who cares!? Why waste my time putting out something negative?

So the bottom line is these people that so-called HATE him actually LOVE HIM. They LOVE to talk down on him, and say why they are so better than him.  If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be SO heated and so emotionally invested in their comments.

WHY waste time on him if you despise him? Because at the end of the day these sites that are reporting about him, and these people who are posting about him, are all just bringing more attention to him. If you all really hated him, you would ignore him.

But that shows what kind of society we are in, it’s VERY negative!! People thrive off having the best Anti-Kanye-Comment, and really what is that saying? You have all this built up hate for someone you don’t even know, so what’s going on in YOUR life?

Another thing that’s funny and contradictory to me, is how there are certain celebs that society deems OKAY to trash. Kanye, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian… it’s TOTALLY okay to talk all kinds of trash about them, call them names, even wish death upon them. That’s all fair game. But if you talk bad about Laverne Cox or Taylor Swift you are deemed a negative hater who is unhappy with the world. It’s whatever!

So forgive me, I just felt like I had to vent.

I’m not saying LEAVE KANYE ALONE! But it doesn’t make sense to bring attention to him if you hate him. And furthermore I’m sure there are plenty of other stories, POSITIVE stories about artists other than Beyonce and Taylor and Rihanna to talk about. Clearly “CLICKS” are the MOST important thing with these “publications”, because THAT’S why they join the bandwagon. “We hate Kanye, but whenever he does anything people are always so interested so let’s post something about him and watch how many clicks we get at the end of the day”. I just wish journalism was in a place where the people writing were actually informative and did research and wrote thoughtful positive articles.