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6fcbf655e3d8f1df0b53a1fc3821d00bThis pic I found on Pinterest is innocent enough.

Seems like a situation where the two boys were like… “Let’s take some crazy pics! What can we do that’s crazy… let’s make it look like we’re fucking!” and BAM, there we have it!

But there’s just something about this pic that looks a little TOO comfortable. The guy in back, the TOP, is not really hamming it up if this was purely a joke pic. He looks like he’s in his natural position.

So… what do you think? HAVE THEY FUCKED ALREADY?

I think… maybe not YET! But I can only imagine what happened later that day after this pic was taken. I don’t know if the two boys are drunk, or high, or whatever, but they are two young boys whose sex drive is at it’s peak. A little joking sex play, can lead to … well, actual sex play! I totally feel there is some interesting back story to this pic.

I think they probably played around a little bit after they took this pic. Maybe the BOTTOM felt a bit of a woody on his butt and decided to tease the TOP about it. And maybe the TOP took the teasing as a form of foreplay for the rough sex he has in mind. They exchange verbal blows about who is the gayest (which increases their libidos and their chubbys), it gets physical and they start jokingly wrestling. Their bodies on top of each gets them hot and bothered and one thing leads to another… and somebody’s dick is up the others hole!

Anyway! What do YOU think!? Have they fucked already… or nah!?