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This morning while browsing Facebook, I saw a trailer for the new “Vacation” reboot. I was a huge fan of the 80’s franchise, but wasn’t really into this new reboot until I noticed that Chris Hemsworth… my BOO from “Thor” fame… was making an appearance.

What I saw in the trailer blew my mind and made me so so horny!

It’s a small part of the clip, but it left a BIG impression as Chris Hemsworth comes into a scene shirtless and sporting a HUGE (fake) dick! Have a look-see at this edit I made.

YUM!!! Even if it’s fake… it’s a great viewing experience for all us girls and boys that fell in love with the guy once we saw THIS…


so now we have even more reason to love him!

chris hemsworth dick 6

I’m quite certain that’s a prosthetic penis, but he’s just so sexy in his displaying of it. And based on his very chill but confident attitude, I’ve always imagined that Hemsworth was packing something down there.

So yeah, I just LOVE this so much! I thought some of you would as well.

Here’s a few parting shots!

rs_560x415-150507115235-1024_Chris-Hemsworth-Vacation-Penis_jl_050715 Screen-Shot-2015-05-07-at-9_56_45-AM-728x304