aspiring (and available) writer. an 80’s baby with a 60’s brain. lover of music and film and pretty much anything creative and artistic. not a huge fan of the mainstream media and am focusing on ways to change some of the gnarly qualities I see there. on the way, read some of my album reviews, tv recaps, and opinion articles on some of the hot topics in the media… and just things that piss me off! but on a positive note you can also learn about things I love in music (mostly music), film, stage, tv and the net.
have fun reading and I luv comments.

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5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Am so glad I found your blog!! Your “Amadeus” review was intriguing enough… then I scrolled down and saw song lists!! (LOVE music and movies!!) 🙂

    Thank you for following my blog… and looking forward to all the posts you make in the future! 🙂

  2. I have never before discovered another soul that likes both Jason Aldean AND Beach House. Dude. *slow clap*. I LOVE IT!!!! You just gained a reader and comment-leaver. 😉

  3. LOVE your Mariah Carey articles! Thanks for the great reads! Lambs4Life~!!
    I would love to keep in touch – Facebook Mandy Monarch, or you can reach me through my website. 🙂

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