I’M BACK!! (For Now)


Alright, it’s been a while. Over 3 years to be exact, but I decided to come back to this blog for a couple of reasons.

For one, I periodically look back at this blog and I’m actually really proud of some of the posts. I cringe at some of the run on sentences and grammatical errors, but overall I am happy that I had this platform to get my opinions out.

Right now I feel like I need that platform again.

I have actually began writing a book, and it scares me because I feel like I’ve lost my writing skills. So another reason for bringing this blog back is to flex my writing muscles so that I won’t struggle as much. I’m still in this struggle stage, so the future posts might be a little bit OFF but I hope you have patience with me as I get it all the way together.

So, having said all that. I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to write about – probably more of the same; Movie and Music reviews, Top 10’s etc.

I also have a video project that I plan on posting to Youtube and Vimeo in a few weeks, so it’s very possible that I’ll be posting about that as well.

Anyway I just wanted to re-introduce myself. I’m going to write about HBO’s newest series “Euphoria” and hopefully have that up by today – and than I’m hoping to have at least 2 posts per week.

We’ll see how I do.

Hannah is back at one as “GIRLS” is having an Awesome season – Season 4 Episode 4 & 5 Recap : TVREVIEW


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Aren’t you just LOVING “Girls” this season?

I think it’s the fact that we are finally seeing some change in these self-absorbed characters, with Hannah (Lena Dunham) probably being the most changed. Or not changed just yet, but she is going through a major transitional period. While it’s sometimes hard to watch, it’s real and the shows crew manage to keep things entertaining.

At the end of Episode 4, I have to say I was so incredibly disappointed with Adam (Adam Driver). After debating it and feeling miserable the whole while, Hannah decided that Iowa and Grad School just wasn’t working for her. The overly-critical, and uber-snobby students she was working with criticized every single thing she did and misconstrued a letter she distributed to all them that was mostly positive. Hannah realized what makes her happy, and Grad school wasn’t it, so she came back to Brooklyn. First thing that happens is she comes into her apartment and finds Adam with a whole new girlfriend.

xthe-state-of-their-relationship-girls.jpg.pagespeed.ic.AOTatBObBXc2z6iJ84LVI had always been an Adam fan, and by the end of Episode 5 I regained my love for his character, but I was so disappointed in him at the end of Episode 4. He had always been so honest and loving and caring and supportive, so it was devastating to see he was just like every other guy.

Ultimately, he’s not like every other guy.

Episode 5 was HILARIOUS in dealing with Hannah dealing with her newly-single reality. At the end, Hannah and Adam had a really heartfelt (and extremely well written and acted) talk, and even though it sucked for Hannah I really sided with and understood Adam. Their relationship wasn’t really working, and it wasn’t destined to last forever, as much as we wanted to see it work we all kinda knew it wasn’t going to. And I felt like Adam’s parting words to her were so sweet and genuine, it’s hard to be mad at the dude for trying to be happy on his own. So we are left with Hannah back at square one. She has no job, she isn’t in school anymore, she has no boyfriend, and seemingly no purpose. And I love that we get to see her start from the ground up yet again.

Jessa (Jemima Kirke) though!!! I mean… does ANYBODY like her? And if so, WHY?

There wasn’t much of her on Episode 4 (thank god), but her little appearance in Episode 5 shows that she is the most despicable character on the show — and maybe all of TV. I just don’t understand her, and her need to hurt people. I don’t understand why she would try to hook Adam up with his new girlfriend Mimi-Rose, and I don’t know why she was so flippant in telling Hannah like it was no big deal. When Hannah punched Jessa’s arm, I was seriously hoping for a lot more. And Jessa would have deserved it. Hannah left things with “you’re a fucking bitch” (deserved), but it looks like Jessa is still on the show and hanging out with the rest of the girls next week. So I don’t get it.

As far as the rest of the girls, Marnie (Allison Williams) has probably had the most interesting story these past two episodes. Details are slightly fuzzy, but Desi (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) comes to her house and says he broke up with Clementine. Although Marnie puts two and two together and realizes it was Clementine that broke up with him. I loved the look Marnie gave at the end of that scene, where she is aware of his lies but she decides to go along with his fairytale for whatever ulterior reason she has.

Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) spent all of Episode 4 with her former boyfriend Ray (Alex Karpovsky), who is almost literally going insane because of the noise pollution on their block. They spend the day together, but neither of them talk about possibly getting back together. Shosh is still apologetic about how she treated Ray, but Ray acknowledges that he became a better person because of her. Ray (based on a small statement he made in Episode 5) seems to have feelings for Marnie that he won’t allow to surface, and that’s the ONLY reason I see for him not wanting to patch things up with Shosh in a romantic way. Because she obviously needs him.

This Recap kinda sucks, but I’m going to end it now. I just wanted to say that I’m loving the show this season, it has maintained a really funny and and I’m REALLY curious how things will go from here on out.

Patrick gets his way AGAIN, but shouldn’t we be focusing on Dom? – “Looking” Season 2 Episode 4 & 5 Recap : TVREVIEW


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The last two weeks of “Looking” have been engaging enough, and things have been progressing enough. It’s a captivating little show, something about the feel of each episode just sucks you in. After you escape the trance of the show though, you think about what just happened and that’s when the show falls apart for me.

In episode 4 Patrick (Jonathan Groff) FINALLY let go of his side-chick status and broke it off with Kevin (Russell Tovey). Which was great, because it was so tiring watching Patrick deluding himself into thinking their relationship was more than it was. And like he said at the top of Episode 5, they ended their toxic affair and nobody got hurt. Which was true, I mean you saw how easy it was for Kevin to simply call up his boyfriend John and have a romp in the office.

Patrick CLEARLY has his eyes on Richie (Raul Castillo), no matter what he tells anyone. And it looks like he’s got him! Episode 5 was pretty much another day with just Patrick and Richie (funny enough, I think that episode last season that was just Patrick and Richie was Episode 5 as well). This time Richie needed help picking up a Ice Cream Truck in the East Bay, a money making scheme him and his cousin get into from time to time. Patrick uses this time to pick Richie’s brain about a variety of things.

Most importantly he found out that Richie doesn’t really love his new “boyfriend” all that much yet and doesn’t even acknowledge that they are dating. And that basically means that Patrick still has a shot with the guy he basically threw away last season.

Patrick learns more about Richie’s upbringing, and meets some of his relatives. At an Auto Garage! Because we haven’t seen THAT stereotype of Latinos enough!? Lazy stereotypes aside, Patrick talked to a blunt cousin of Richie who basically revealed that Richie’s little heart was broken when Patrick blew him off. I’m pretty sure Patrick knew this beforehand, but he reacted in the typical “aww shucks” way he does.

In the end, Patrick confesses to Richie that while they were somewhat dating he hooked up with his boss. And somehow, because Patrick is so irresistible to Richie, he goes ahead and forgives him and tells him he can’t imagine his life without Patrick in it.


I’m sorry, but ever since this show started Patrick has gotten EVERYTHING he’s desired. He started out wanting a hot white WASP as a boyfriend but he settled for Richie. The insanely handsome Richie who approached him first. Patrick totally blew his first date with Richie but later on… because he’s so irresistible… Richie took him back. Patrick had the hots for his boss, and eventually they got together. Sure it wasn’t the relationship Patrick wanted, but they certainly had some fun over the months they were fooling around.

And now, even though Richie shouldn’t want anything to do with Patrick, our irresistible Patrick gets what he wants AGAIN!

It’s a shame, because I do think Jonathan Groff does a good job portraying this character, but the character is just completely unsympathetic and almost unreal. I can’t even think of a leading character on a show that gets EVERYTHING they want all the time. Because it’s kind of a general rule that our main protagonist has to have some sort of conflict or tension or SOMETHING to grow from. With Patrick though, there’s no struggle at all, and no real reason to root for him.

6a00d8341c730253ef01bb07d71613970dI actually find Dom (Murray Bartlett) to be way more interesting than Patrick, and I don’t even recall if he was in Episode 5. On Episode 4 though, Dom couldn’t take his paranoia about his relationship with Lynn (Scott Bakula), and Lynn had to break it down to him. Lynn loved and lost before, as his long time relationship with a former love ended in death. Now Lynn is refusing to invest emotionally into another man, and he told Dom either deal with it or leave (not in a bitchy tone though, I actually understood Lynn) and Dom left. Now he’s on the path to make his dream of opening up his chicken place come true.

See, Dom has actual issues! He has actual goals! There is something for us to root for! Plus there’s the struggle of him getting older in a gay world that values youth over everything. So things are just naturally more of a struggle for him than Patrick who has a great job he loves and great friends, and a seemingly endless supply of hot guys chasing after him.

Is it even worth talking about Agustine (Frankie J Alvarez) anymore?  He’s just a terribly shallow character. On Episode 5, he got HIS man, which is the Eddie (Daniel Franzese) guy he’s been not-so-subtley pining for since they met. And I have to say I don’t really GET their relationship, as I never got the idea that Agustine was attracted to Eddie sexually. Anyway, what pissed me off about last weeks episode was how he randomly joins Eddie at his job at the Health Center, and just randomly finds out there’s a open position. He randomly asks Eddie to hire him, and he says “I NEED a job” (but… prior to that moment Agustine had never talked about looking for a job or needing a job, and never actually looked for a job).

Anyway, he gets the job… because THAT’S how it works. He’s employed without so much as a second interview or drug test, but instead of like… WORKING… he decided to go hang out with Eddie who is playing hooky. The two  dance around Eddie’s apartment to CeCe Peniston and  Agustine kisses him. Eddie first backs off and tells Agustine he’s not into him like that… but, later he reveals he was joking! So Agustine gets what he wants TOO!

So what can I say positive about the show? Because obviously I like it enough to tune in every week. I really enjoyed the cinematography on Episode 5. The shots of Hayward were so well done, and I love how it geographically makes sense. I’m from the Bay Area so I definitely pay attention to all that. But back to the cinematography, I think this show has consistently had beautiful camera work… Emmy worthy I’d say.

And even though I have complained about the slow pace of the show on the whole, I find the realism of the conversations to be refreshing. The conversations between Patrick and Richie are so loved because it feels so real. Maybe it’s the chemistry between the two actors, whatever it is it works. And yes, the acting is good it just feels like the writing (mainly the character development) is supremely lacking.

It’s just annoying that “Looking” devotes so much screen time to a guy who seems to have everything, and anything he doesn’t have he doesn’t have to work hard to get it.


My Top 10 Songs of the Week (2 of 2) “Left You At Sea” : MYFAVORITES

Okay, so I probably should have posted this first… but this is the Top 10 from last week (February 6th) that I never finished. Enjoy!

10. Rihanna featuring Mikky Ekko “Stay”


9. August Alsina featuring Trinidad James “I Luv This Shit”


8. Leo Sayer “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”


7. Dawn Richard “Swim Free”


6. Timbaland & Magoo featuring Aaliyah and Playa  “I Am Music”


5. Change “Searching”


4. Timbaland & Magoo featuring Brandy “N 2 Da Music”


3. Drake “Marvins Room”


2. Nicki Minaj “I Lied”


1. Nicole featuring Missy Elliott and Mocha “Make It Hot”

My Top 10 Songs of the Week (1 of 2) “Wicked Tongue” : MYFAVORITES

So yeah, I kinda sucked this week didn’t I? No recaps for “Girls”, “Looking” or “Empire”. I’m backed up two episodes with my “How To Get Away With Murder” recaps. I didn’t do my Top 10 Songs last week, and I didn’t do my Top 10 Music of January post I promised.

Sorry! It’s just been a little crazy at work and school, and even though I’ve come to WordPress and started new posts I just didn’t have the energy or patience or focus to finish them. SO! What does that mean? Well you will be getting two weeks of Top 10 Songs today, and that’s kind of all I can promise.

As far as the recaps, I’m going to combine two weeks worth of “Looking” and “Girls”. I have a sort of special “Empire” post that should come on Wednesday. And as far as “How To Get Away with Murder” I don’t know. I think I might just wait until the Season Finale to talk about that EXCELLENT show!

And I still feel like posting my Top 10 Music of January, probably closer to the 15th.

For now… GET INTO my Top 10 Songs of the Week yo!


10. Madonna “Joan of Arc”



9. Dawn Richard “Warriors”



8. Beyoncé featuring Drake “Mine”



7. Dawn Richard “Swim Free”



6. Beyoncé “Haunted”



5. Beyoncé “XO”



4. Jeezy featuring 2 Chainz “R.I.P.”



3. YG featuring Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan “My Nigga”



2. Kings Of Leon “Sex on Fire”



1. OneRepublic “If I Lose Myself”

Can I Talk about Kanye and the media’s OBSESSION with him for a second? : IMO


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I just saw this pic today and laughed my ass off!

I just saw this pic today and laughed my ass off!

It’s Wednesday, a full 3 days after the Grammy’s aired this past Sunday. And what are ALL the blogs and “reputable news sites” talking about? Kanye West! What Kanye West did on Sunday. The reaction to what Kanye did on Sunday. What some completely irrelevant artists are saying about Kanye. What Kanye is saying now about what he said on Sunday. It’s just RIDICULOUS! Is there NO OTHER news stories to talk about?

Hence my issue with the media. First off, this need for “instant news” is making for really shitty and superficial headlines. Journalism is completely dead because these days the people behind those online publications are so lazy. One of the reasons I keep seeing these stories about Kanye and reactions from Beck and Beyonce and Shirley Manson and John Legend is because ONE place posts the story and ALL the other blog sites basically re-blog the story.

Secondly. I should say I’m a Kanye fan and it’s quite possible that I have a biased opinion. But just because I’m a fan doesn’t mean I agree with everything he says, but we as a society don’t HAVE to agree with everything ANYBODY says, but we should maybe respect peoples’ right to have an opinion. So, NO, you don’t have to agree that Beyonce deserved Album of the Year, but what’s wrong with having an opinion about the winner? Didn’t we ALL figure out in our mind who WE think should have won? So are we assholes for thinking that?

What’s really QUITE contradictory is how some media outlets completely slam everything Kanye says and chalk it up to him being a brat, whiny, and an egocentric sociopath. However, when other artists have an opinion about HIS opinion… we are supposed to suddenly respect THAT persons opinion (in this case Shirley Manson and her “open letter” to him. And funny enough I JUST saw a new “story” where 80’s singer Michael McDonald “criticized” Kanye). With the two artists that I just mentioned, this is probably the only way they can get in the news, yet people are so hungry for this type of negative drama that they will ignore the fact that they are desperately looking for publicity and go ahead and print what their opinions are. I mean, who is worst? The person that HONESTLY answers a reporters question (Kanye) or the people who try to capitlize off of a hot issue (Shirley and Michael)?

Lastly, I just think the Grammy incident on Sunday and ALL the “reports” that followed prove something… people just love to Hate Kanye. The reason I say this is because there have been PLENTY of people on Facebook who have posted stuff about him, about how they hate him and can’t stand him and wish he would die (I have literally seen people wish death upon him), but it seems like if they HATED him they wouldn’t make the effort to post anything about him. I don’t know any artist well enough to HATE them but, as an example, I’m not too keen on Taylor Swift but you don’t see me writing blog post after blog post about WHY I hate her. Because who cares!? Why waste my time putting out something negative?

So the bottom line is these people that so-called HATE him actually LOVE HIM. They LOVE to talk down on him, and say why they are so better than him.  If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be SO heated and so emotionally invested in their comments.

WHY waste time on him if you despise him? Because at the end of the day these sites that are reporting about him, and these people who are posting about him, are all just bringing more attention to him. If you all really hated him, you would ignore him.

But that shows what kind of society we are in, it’s VERY negative!! People thrive off having the best Anti-Kanye-Comment, and really what is that saying? You have all this built up hate for someone you don’t even know, so what’s going on in YOUR life?

Another thing that’s funny and contradictory to me, is how there are certain celebs that society deems OKAY to trash. Kanye, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian… it’s TOTALLY okay to talk all kinds of trash about them, call them names, even wish death upon them. That’s all fair game. But if you talk bad about Laverne Cox or Taylor Swift you are deemed a negative hater who is unhappy with the world. It’s whatever!

So forgive me, I just felt like I had to vent.

I’m not saying LEAVE KANYE ALONE! But it doesn’t make sense to bring attention to him if you hate him. And furthermore I’m sure there are plenty of other stories, POSITIVE stories about artists other than Beyonce and Taylor and Rihanna to talk about. Clearly “CLICKS” are the MOST important thing with these “publications”, because THAT’S why they join the bandwagon. “We hate Kanye, but whenever he does anything people are always so interested so let’s post something about him and watch how many clicks we get at the end of the day”. I just wish journalism was in a place where the people writing were actually informative and did research and wrote thoughtful positive articles.

Quick Grammy Thoughts : IMO



I don’t know if it’s because I was slightly #2On, but I actually enjoyed the Grammys last night. Overall I enjoyed the diverse group of performers and the pacing of it all, though I have to admit that certain acts bored me to tears (and acts that I really like, including that Gwen Stefani/Adam Levine duet and that ill-informed gospel performance from Beyonce). I don’t want to talk about each performance and each award given out, but I do have a few quick thoughts.

Yay Sam Smith!? : Yeah I didn’t mind Boy George, err, Sam Smith winning all of those big awards for the monster hit “Stay With Me”. That song IS good, so no hate here! And I really enjoyed his performance of the song with Mary J. Blige. I mean it’s the 5 millionth time I’ve heard the song, but those two had such a sweet chemistry I was just smiling from ear to ear once it was done. screen-shot-2015-02-08-at-11-43-55-pm

The Sia Snub : “Chandelier” is an amazing song, “1000 Forms of Fear” is an amazing album. That’s all. On the bright side, her performance of the aforementioned song was trippy and funny thanks to my girl Kristen Wiig! kristen_wiig_chandelier.png.CROP.promo-mediumlarge

That “BEYONCE” Snub : Look! I’m not as upset about Beyonce’s album NOT winning Album of the Year as I might have been a couple of years ago, but the snub does sting. Content aside, the release of that album took BALLS. Balls that no one in that arena had other than Beyonce… not Madonna, not Paul McCartney, not Kanye. And the whole purpose of the surprise release was artistic. I think she should have taken something home for the sheer fact that she was able to make a success out of something so risky. But hey, Beyonce now has 19 Grammys total, she’s the most awarded Female of all time. So I can live with the fact that she lost, but she DEFINITELY should have won something for the album! She lost Urban Contemporary to Pharrell’s “GIRL”, and I love that guy… but, let’s be real here!

Madonna is officially an Old Desperate Lady : I tried to enjoy it, I did! But that performance of “Living for Love” was dripping with desperation, and Madonna is getting to a point where she really just looks like an old lady trying to stay hip. I think that whole performance could have been staged in a more original way… instead we get predictable Yoga poses and pelvic thrusts and posing. We also got Madonna and some new big fake boobs, and we also get the diva lacking any real grace or smoothness. It just didn’t look good. madonna-grammys-2015-gi

Rihanna sounded good though : I actually thought Rihanna sounded great during her performance of “FourFiveSeconds” with Paul McCartney and Kanye West. Her voice has definitely gotten much stronger over the years. And can we talk about her red carpet look. GOD I just love her, no one out these days has as much Fashion Courage as Rihanna, and she proved it again last night with a look that was so ODD that nobody could have pulled it off but her! 150208203634-46-grammys-red-carpet-2015-super-169

Katy Perry actually impressed me : That song is BORING no doubt, but Katy’s singing of “By the Grace of God” was actually impressive, not mindblowingly good or anything, but definitely showing a new side of her talent. I loved the simplistic stage set up as well, and I think it was all super effective thanks to the speech about domestic violence that preceded the performance.

– ANNIE LENNOX!!! : Annie Lennox killed that shit! Annie Lennox was definitely FEELING IT when she joined Hozier on stage and stole the entire show.

How cute was Lady GaGa!? : I have to say, I felt really happy for GaGa last night. After “ARTPOP” flopped the whole “Cheek to Cheek” era with Tony Bennett seemed like a career suicide, but she WON yet another Grammy and was such a shining star last night. And the performance of the title track was just adorable. lady-gaga

Kanye’s Spotlight : I remember when I first heard that “Only One” song, I wasn’t feeling it. There was something about his performance last night that made me appreciate it more. His PERFORMANCE though, I really enjoyed how simple it was, how he was basically just using one shining light as his “performance effects”. It made it more intimate, like he wasn’t singing to an audience, like he was just singing it to himself by himself. I really enjoyed that. kanyegrammys

WINNERS that made me SMILE : Jack White’s “Lazaretto” for Best Rock Performance, St. Vincent’s self titled album for Best Alternative Music Album, Toni Braxton and Babyface “Love, Marriage and Divorce” for Best R&B Album, A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera’s “Say Something” for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

Entertained, but slightly Disapointed with last nights “Empire” – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap : TVREVIEW


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(This is going to be a short one)

Look, I’m still HERE for “Empire“.empire-435

I still think it’s a really fun show, and I still think Taraji P Henson is amazing in the role of Cookie. I haven’t had much of a problem with the over-dramatics of the show because I fully embrace that it’s a soap opera, and things get a little silly in that genre.

Last night though!? There were a few very implausible things that happened that I’ll just chalk up to lazy writing. Certain plot points last night didn’t make any sense, but I realize they were sloppy expositional devices to move the various plots along.

Early in the episode we find out that Tiana (Serayah) is actually gay and has a girlfriend. In a scene that quickly followed, her and said girlfriend are making out – not discreetly at all – at a photo shoot. Andre’s wife Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday) records them and the two of them use it as a scheme is to ruin the #TAKEEM brand. The plan backfired… but seriously why would Tiana and India even be making out in such a public spot? How did they not hear Rhonda pull the clothes on the rack back? And why didn’t they notice her just standing there talking to her husband and recording them with her smartphone? It made no sense, but it was a means to an end to create some tension in the episode.EmpireTianaGirlfriend

Ofcourse the video goes viral and for whatever reason Hakeem (Bryshere Gray) is upset, so much so that he doesn’t want her in his debut video for his song “Drip Drop” (“Drip Drop, Drip Drippity Drop”… LOL!!!). Mind you, Hakeem has a side girlfriend in Naomi Campbell (whatever her characters name is?)… AND in the music video he’s laid up in bed with multiple women. So yeah, I didn’t get his issue. Eventually the scandal of Tiana being gay is something that both Cookie and Lucious see as a good thing for both parties involved and the music video is a success.

The episode was like a “Making Of” for the Lyons boys, we had Hakeem making his video and Jamal (Jussie Smollett) in the Bronx making his first single (it was either called “Ghetto” or “Money”). In a really funny gag, Jamal ends up recording at “Some Ghetto Ass Studio” (that was literally the name of the studio, which made me laugh) and even though the surroundings seem dangerous he seems unphazed and is able to get through the recording session fine. Until…

Let’s back up, Andre (Trai Byers) and his wife are constantly trying to set people up and it’s getting tired. We don’t really know much about either of them other than the fact that they are manipulative and evil (and he needs to recalibrate), I would enjoy more complexity with both of those characters. Anyway, for whatever reason they decide to have some of Hakeem’s hangers-on go to Jamal’s session and scare him. I didn’t really understand the reason, but basically Andre plants the idea in a couple of the goons’ heads… letting them know indirectly that Jamal is in a studio that has low security and that he has a very expensive watch on him. The two go to the studio and pull their guns out. They ask explicity for the watch and Jamal stands up to them because he knows they are Hakeem’s friends and he now thinks his little brother is trying to kill him? empire-4-800

I found that altercation at the end between Hakeem and Jamal completely rushed and illogical. I guess Jamal was WAY too in his feelings about the situation that he wasn’t trying to really hear Hakeem. And Hakeem was too happy over the success of his video shoot that his demeanor probably came off like he didn’t really care. I don’t know, I just wish this brother/brother thing would die.

Speaking of dying, Cookie spent the whole episode on edge thinking someone was trying to kill her. Cookie went ahead and testified to the grand jury, she confessed she witnessed a guy shoot and kill an undercover federal agent. Soon after that, she found a rose outside of her apartment, and that rose is apparently a “kiss of death” with that particular gangster. So she goes to Philly, talks with her sister (Tasha Smith), and basically puts out a hit on the guy she testified against. Little did Cookie know, Lucious is the one who put the rose at her door to commemorate their Anniversary. And by the time Cookie called the cancel the hit, it was too late.

Lucious (Terrence Howard) meanwhile proposed to Anika (Grace Gealy) with a way too fat diamond ring. Lucious learns that before Empire can get it’s much coveted IPO, a doctor has to perform a physical to ensure he is in good health. Of course Lucious has ALS and is NOT in good health, so he sweet talks Anika’s Doctor father first by confessing his illness, next by asking for Anika’s hand in marriage, and finally asking him to commit fraud by signing documents saying Lucious is in perfect health. It WAS funny how Lucious just tried to slide that part of the transition in, like it wasn’t a big deal. But of course Lucious is a hustler so he managed to get his way.

So in the end, I was satisfied and entertained with the show. But last nights episode was a bit alarming because the writing was so lazy, I hope they aren’t continuing on this path of mediocrity and lame set ups.

Schedule of Things to Come (This Week)

Hey Readers!!!

So now that I’m done with #MISSYMonday, I want to give you guys a heads up on what I plan on posting this week since things got a little off schedule this past Friday.

_15-04-3724_r2YES! I watched, and enjoyed the crap out of “How To Get Away With Murder” this past Thursday. I was actually surprised at how intrigued I was by it because I thought the two-three month break had killed my excitement for the show, but Viola Davis is SUCH a great actress she pulled me right back in. I do plan on doing weekly recaps of the show, but I think I’ll start by posting a semi Recap/Review Thursday evening. Followed by weekly recaps every Friday (although, there are only 3 more episodes this season which totally sucks!)

Another thing I want to do regularly is my Top 10 MUSIC of the Month. It’s February 2nd right now, so I’m late (I don’t have internet at home, and I’m not always super eager to go to a coffee shop to get on the internet. So instead of post this yesterday, I was lazy). But on Wednesday I plan on posting my Top faves of January, following that I hope to have the Top 10 Music of the month posts on the 1st of every month.

And even though I had a slight break on the Recaps this week (“Girls” nor “Looking” was on this Sunday because of the Superbowl), I will return to schedule with “Empire” on Thursday.

I doubt I’ll get any additional posts done this week, but who knows.

So stay tuned!!

#MISSYMonday Top 10 Missy Elliott Videos : MYFAVORITES


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Alright, so a big part of Missy Elliott‘s legacy along with her crazy songs and crazy looks was her crazy videos. Those videos that were so weird, that used such strange costuming and visual techniques. Plus the videos almost always included something really funny/silly, some guest appearances by the top artists of the time, and amazing choreography that was copied countless times.Missy’s videos are truly what made her a star, and here are 10 of her best.

10. “One Minute Man

9. “Hit Em wit da Hee

8. “Pass that Dutch

7. “Take Away/ 4 My People

6. “She’s A Bitch

5. “Lose Control

4. “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)

3. “Get Ur Freak On

2. “Gossip Folks

1. “Work It